SPOTLIGHT – Shawn by Tom Kernaghan


pastedGraphic.pngI listen intently, the phone hot against my cheekbone, as he revisits key details of his fascinating and nomadic life. Shawn is clearly a man who has lived and learned through some tribulations I have not. Beneath the fluidity of his words lies a calm confidence produced by years of fortifying fights and realized visions.

Growing up with traditional learning challenges, Shawn crashed against the limiting and stigmatizing mold of mainstream education. He was a teenage father. He has travelled the world in search of opportunities. And he has spent years challenging the conventional thinking of a school system for which I, by mere chance, was fairly well suited. Seemingly, we come from different worlds. And yet I can sense a fundamental connection — something in his intention. His voice compels me to find it.

“We are all storytellers. The problem is, most of us aren’t very good at it. The school system encourages and rewards only one way of learning, and it prepares us for a workplace devoid of individuality and full of vacuous clichés. We have lost our way in the world. Stories bring the human being back into focus and help us remember what is important. By expressing our true selves, we connect with others and inspire each other to act toward unifying goals — whether team building, convincing your kids cooperate, wooing a date, or building a more respectful and responsible society. But there is a structure to consistently good and persuasive storytelling.”

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‘Irie’??? by Maralee Webber


This is a question I get a lot as most people don’t know how to pronounce it, let alone what it means

My favorite definition of Irie (pronounced ‘eye.ree’,) is- ‘excellent or a state of wellbeing’.

I named my business Irie Wellness because the island of Jamaica has become like a second home to me. We have gone yearly (except 2021) for about 12 years.

Think back to a time where you were utterly & completely at peace. No worries, no stress, just beautiful scenery, incredible people & a sense of everything being right in your world.

That is Jamaica….for me, and that is how I want my clients to feel when they work with me.

OUR PHILOSOPHY by Crystal Jensen



  • Children learn better when they are in a relaxed state, calm and regulated.
  • Practicing mindfulness helps children better manage stress and anxiety,
    and creates tools for them to carry with them as they grow moving into a lifestyle.
  • This promotes an environment where children can fully understand how to process their emotions in a healthy way,
    reducing the impact of stress and anxiety often resulting in mental health difficulties.


  • Children achieve greater academic, social and emotional success by learning through play.
  • During play children learn about themselves and their surroundings around them.
  • Play allows children to explore and test their own limits at the same time as build confidence, social and cognitive skills.
  • We incorporate play throughout our entire day, and we have fun!

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Great Remedies for Colds & Flus by Mona Caissie


It’s that time of year again where people are lacking the sun, exercise and their stress level is high.  You have a lowered immunity and you need some support from some remedies that are going to help you nip that cold or flu in the bud. You have come to the right place.

These are some possible remedy pictures for colds or flus

Please note if anyone needs assistance to find a remedy for themselves I do 15 minute consultations for free: just call me on 250-808-3104

Aconite: Use this remedy when your cold starts very SUDDENLY and you’ve been exposed to a cold drafty wind and perhaps caught a chill. You might also be experiencing a dry cough. Use within 24 hours of symptoms occurring.

Allium Cepa: Fluent and sometimes burning nasal discharge that irritates the nostrils, fluent tearing from the eyes and frequent sneezing, all of which are worse in warm or stuffy rooms.

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Spending the last 8 years of my life deep diving into restoring my own body, mind and spirit into balance, I have witnessed the huge benefit not just for myself, but the benefit it has had for my kids and family. While offering them bits and pieces of my practice in order to help them manage their own stresses, I began to realize that there was a need to be filled in offering them their own practice in a simple and easy way.

As a mom of 4 + 2 kids, I know firsthand, how important it is to equip our kids and families with these time honoured wisdoms and techniques, in conjunction with science based research.

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Confession Time – Thoughts from the Heart By Rochelle McFarlane


I’m letting go of the shame
Stopping the blame
To create a loving game
One that lifts me
One that shifts me
And sets me free to be
All that is LOVE
Read the full post below, let’s pour some tea & connect as you can
What resonates with you?
Can you relate?
Have you ever felt like your parenting practices didn’t fit anymore ?
How is your connection currently with your children ?

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SPOTLIGHT – Sofia Simeonidis by Tom Kernaghan


“Together we are strong,” “be a helping hand,” and “never lose hope” may not be the sort of words one usually associates with a customer loyalty program, or its operator. But then, Sofia Simeonidis isn’t like most people I’ve met. Her focus, after all, is on our happiness and our financial well-being.

Sofia is an Independent Lyconet Merchant Marketer, which is affiliated with myWorld, a vast network connecting businesses to customers who can earn cashback and use interchangeable loyalty points wherever they shop. It’s about everyone getting the most out of the shopping experience — on both sides of the ‘register’. The program is powerful, but it’s Sofia’s warm personality that really shines as she extols the benefits of living well and shopping smartly.

Sofia served as a treasurer and bookkeeper for the ISCO (Intercultural Society of Central Okanagan), the Kelowna chapter of Toastmasters, and the parental advisory of her children’s school. Her sunny nature is matched by her ability and determination. In the words of one of her local clients, “Sofia displays a level of creativity, wit, and analytical thought unmatched by most. Her research skills are phenomenal, and when Sofia is on task, nothing will stop her from reaching her goal.” Socially, many will know Sofia from her online trail-walk videos, which she begins joyously: “Good morning, world!”

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SPOTLIGHT – Debra Kelly by Tom Kernaghan


Debra with Flora Farm hearts

Debra Kelly — Storyteller & Motivator

“We’ll figure something out.” 

We say these words all the time, but when Debra Kelly said them at the end of our first chat, to schedule our second one, I sensed they flowed from a hard-earned knowingness that runs deep beneath her friendly and confident demeanour. 

Debra is a storyteller, speaker, and real estate agent who lives here in the Okanagan and in Cabo San Lucas. I can say I’ve never met a person in whom the seemingly disparate aspects of life seem so well integrated into a way of living. Now, that is. Back in 1993, Debra’s purpose, passion, and pleasures had yet to blossom from the soil of pain, fear, and darkness she found herself pushing through as a single mother and expat in Mexico. Her money was dwindling, her hope was flagging, and her determination was screaming — but her aim (especially for killing scorpions) was improving. 

She has a kick-ass memoir for you to read. Having just finished Wait a Year, an Amazon international best seller, I can see where Debra’s confidence comes from: damn, she’s been through it! As a fellow storyteller who loves a cracking good tale about life’s trials, travails, and triumphs, especially one with dark humour, I can say this book will delight you, move you, and leave you wanting more. And I can see how Debra’s story will motivate others to find their voices, set healthy boundaries, and design a better lives for themselves. 

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Using the Mind & Body’s Natural Abilities to Bring Balance by Daneaya Ziolkoski & Carla VanVoorst


With all of the craziness that has been happening in our world in the last year and a half, maintaining a healthy immune system is key for all of us. As I’m sure you know, there is an option to receive an injection, and with that comes the potential for side effects.

I’m not here to debate this with you, but instead I am here to offer a solution for those that may be experiencing unwanted side effects.

As with all pharmaceuticals, there is the possibility of unpleasant side effects such as pain, redness, swelling at the injection site, fatigue, upset belly, headaches, chill, fever, and other, more severe reactions. These reactions are your body’s way of dealing with something foreign.

When a body has been under stress for a long period of time or there are other health issues present, these side effects can become much more serious.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I am talking about this, here, and what that has to do with energy medicine. And those are very good wonderings!

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