Perfectly Imperfect. by Shawn Bonnough


Meet Pete?

Pisco Sour mate?

“Uhhh, ok”  I reply!

Muhnames Pete

An always smiling Ozzie says to me as he hands me a drink.

I think to myself….”I wish everyone was this friendly, confident, welcoming and genuine. Wouldn’t we all be a lot happier?”

Like everyone does. I immediately fell in love with a guy named Pete.

Not because he was powerful, wealthy, or because he was in a position to benefit me professionally, but because he was genuine, sincere, authentic and keenly interested in me as a person!

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SPOTLIGHT – Mona Niebergall by Tom Kernaghan


If you don’t have your health, what do you have? Many of us have heard this question, but how often do we stop to consider what it really means? 

For Mona Niebergall, the owner of Stepping Stones Homeopathy, health equals abundance, a harmony of being and vitality that lets us live life to the fullest. For Mona, the power and possibility we often associate with physical well-being flows through all spheres of our lives: emotional, mental, and spiritual; she treats the person as a whole (and she treats animals as well). Her focus and ultimate purpose for her clients is that they attain freedom from all limitations in life — from allergies to anxieties — and her services reflect this broad perspective.

Mona has practiced homeopathy for over 10 years, having studied at Luminous Homeopathic College in Vancouver and the Devonshire School of England. Offering intuitive guidance and a vast array of vibrational modalities, she can help you shift your mind-body connection into an inner alignment that extends outward as well. Mona’s motto is, “Be kind to each other because we are all connected on some level.” Not surprisingly, she has a love for nature, gardening, travel, music, and biographies. She is fascinated by life and others’ lives. 

So, I was curious to learn more about hers!  

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Emotional Intelligence 7 Tips to Flip Your Perspective and Improve All Your Relationships – By Dale Choquette


Emotions are messages from you to you. They’re chemicals signals that travel through your body in about six seconds preparing you to navigate through life.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and; recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others. Are you listening to your emotions? When we use our emotional intelligence we see and choose more clearly. We respond instead of react.

There are 15 skills involved in emotional intelligence and we all have them to a greater or lesser degree. Men generally use their emotional intelligence to solve problems and make decisions. Women generally use their emotional intelligence to build relationships, nurture and empathize. Most this comes from the differences in how boys and girls are brought up.

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The #1 Skill to Guide You in 2021 and Beyond – by Pamela Lynch


During a fire ceremony in Bali, a High Priest chanted into the starlit night anointing us with a stream of blessings. The evening had begun as an illuminating and uplifting way to invite in the first year of a new decade in 2020.
We all looked quizzically at the Priest and his wife as they placed coconuts into the fire’s bounty amongst the wood, flowers and notes illustrating what we wanted to release and bring in for the new year.
The solid foundation of the fire crackled and lit up the night during the Priest’s incantations. We watched in dismay as our offerings that fuelled the fire exploded in a sea of burning embers and landed on us.
In retrospect, it was a perfect reflection of what awaited us in the coming months.
The promise and excitement of 2020 quickly dimmed as we all collectively reeled against multiple blows. It was the first time in history that humanity was focused simultaneously on the same thing.



Imagine learning how to automatically take advantage of an ability that you already have to shift the areas in your life that you wish to shift.

My goal in this article is to explain how you can do that effortlessly, easily, and with scientific backing!

Hypnosis is a natural state of focus and relaxation that we all go into many different times in a day. Any time we lose sense of time or space, we are in a hypnotic state. Daydreaming, visualizing and even “running on autopilot” are hypnotic states.

Using hypnotherapy updates the information in your mind, helps you let go of old belief systems and habits, and subscribe to new ones that are more beneficial. Ultimately, this helps move you toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

Hypnosis is the state a person is in, hypnotherapy is what is done whilst in said state.

This happens because as a person relaxes their brain waves slow down. Our waking state, known as beta, is where we are when we are

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Grounded by Murray McEachern


‘You’re grounded!’

This was a common refrain when I was a teenager, each time I bent the rules so far they broke.

They being my parents.

And there they were, those same words, gracing my lips just a couple of weeks ago, as if a direct quote, despite my oft vow to myself that my ability to influence my kid would never deteriorate into something so base as a grounding.

So when my soon to be teen son heard those words directed at him for the first time, he quite innocently and quite matter of factly said, ‘Huh, I’ve never been grounded before, what does that mean?’

With the frustration that foreshadowed my strike of the gavel, still teeming within me, my inside voice on the very tip of becoming my outside voice, ripe and ready to pounce with something to the effect of, ‘Well, I’ll tell you what a grounding means!’.

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SPOTLIGHT – Tara Pilling by Tom Kernaghan


Tara Pilling leans into our conversation, fully present. As we chat, she listens and watches with the attention of a seasoned pro who values a person’s unique essence and talents so that she might help them maximize and realize their potential. The experience is engaging and heartfelt, for it is clear to me that Tara, a veteran lifestyle coach and “peak performance mindset consultant,” knows that we are a community of marvellous individuals seeking meaningful paths to well-being and abundance — and she wants each of us live the life we want. 

Tara also understands that our potential is often not met because of barriers, gaps, and blindspots, having surmounted many personal and professional challenges throughout her own life. We all have barriers, and her work is to help you see them, understand them, and then commit to overcoming them, so that you can create a new life based on updated beliefs about yourself. Tara has lots of tools in her kit for this, having travelled widely, studied extensively, and worked with a vast array of clients from around the world.

While Tara offers a variety of modalities — healing arts, yoga, Ayurveda, and the proven principles of human potential expert Bob Proctor — she builds her business on the fundamental truth that reaching our highest goals of success and self-leadership requires self-awareness, a clear mindset, positive focus, accountability, and a new system of daily habits and practices that work. I was thrilled to sit down with her and  learn more about what has worked for her and how it can work for you. 

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More Cowbell by Cherie Hanson


At this time of a pandemic spread of anxiety and a shared knawing of fear, we turn more and more to our own emergency kit. We turn inward to those things that we believe and hold on to no matter what.

I was led to go back and reread: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by the brothers Chip and Dan Heath.

They taught me a great deal about discipline fatigue when I came across their book several years ago.

Freud saw the battle between the Id which is the selfish manifestation of the individual and the Superego, which is the conscientious self, focused on the greater good.

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