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You get so tired of it — the body pains, the emotional suffering, the unhealthy habits, and the relationship issues — one or more of the struggles that keep you from being at ease with yourself and living a more fulfilling life. But just can’t seem to see your way clear. Something has to change, right? And all the so-called “fixes” just haven’t worked. John Schlapbach understands. He’s been there and has seen it many times. 

The owner of Visions Healing, John Schlapbach is an Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner, a Heart-Wall® Specialist, speaker and teacher. With over 40 years of experience in holistic health practice — nutrition, reflexology, intuitive and energy medicine — John has seen and treated the gamut of ailments and obstacles keeping us from achieving and maintaining health and wellness in the fullest sense. And he has the tools to help.  

His own story offers personal proof of our power to heal from within, with the proper guidance. Many years ago, he applied The Emotion Code (by Dr. Bradley Nelson) to his own life, addressing inner imbalances caused by past sports injuries and emotional trauma. And he learned a key component in this method: the belief that you can turn negative experiences into positive ones. 

Let’s talk about your story. What got you into holistic medicine in the first place?  

Back in 1969, I was in my twenties and living in Ontario. One day I went to the grocery store to do some shopping for myself and my roommates. Like a lot of bachelors’ fridges, ours was pretty sparse and in need of the essentials — bread, milk, eggs, ketchup, peanut butter, jam, and of course beer.  

Strolling down the aisles, I did something I had never done before, and I don’t know why. Stopping by the peanut butter, I grabbed the jar and read the label: peanuts, salt … and sugar. I thought, Why would they put sugar in peanut butter? It was then that I began reading labels on groceries or anything else for that matter. How many of us read labels today, especially when purchasing food or nutritional items?

When I moved back to BC in early 1970s, I ended up meeting some people who considered themselves vegetarians. Again, my interest was piqued. I became a vegetarian and launched myself into studying holistic health — first nutrition and different diets, then herbology, reflexology, Japanese massage, and so on. I had an insatiable desire to learn as much as I could, initially for my own health but after a while to help others. I also learned applied kinesiology muscle testing from a chiropractor, to determine spinal misalignments, and testing for nutritional supplements from a master herbalist. 

All this was pretty exciting for me, and I eventually went on to become a registered massage therapist, which I have been now for 25 years. So I have the holistic health background and a medical background, which equips me to bridge the gap and help people more fully. When I was introduced to the subtle energies of the body I realized there was yet a whole other area to explore — energy medicine. 

In 2007 you had a major shift. Describe how Emotion Code and Body Code work changed your life personally and professionally.

In 2007 I had a major shift in my approach to health. Besides studying and working on the physical aspects of health, I had also been learning about the mind and how it influences our health and well-being. One of my business associates had suggested a recently published book called The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson because it mentioned magnets! 

I knew of Dr. Nelson already because we had both been involved with a Japanese company that developed and marketed magnetic and other energy health products that we used and shared with many others. The guiding concept was “give the body what it needs, and it can heal itself naturally.” 

So, I purchased the book and read all about the emotions and how they influence our health. I was blown away by what I read! Before I was even halfway through the book, I began using it on myself. I already knew about muscle testing and magnets, and I had been studying the mind. Now I had the Chart of Emotions. I just needed to ask the questions and do the releases on myself. I noticed that every time I released a trapped emotion for myself, I felt calmer, lighter, and more relaxed. So I asked myself if I had trapped emotions from past traumas, events, and experiences that I could release, and to my surprise I did! 

Then I wondered if I could use this approach to help some of my clients. I heard that Dr. Nelson was teaching a course in Seattle, so a friend and I registered right away and off we went. At the seminar I witnessed many others who were getting amazing results on a vast array of chronic joint and muscle pains — within hours, minutes, or in some cases immediately! After that seminar I became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, then a Body Code Practitioner, and finally an Emotion Code instructor for “Dr. Brad.”

Heart-Walls. Meridians. Magnetic medicine. These are intriguing terms in that they reframe our existence as energetic beings rather than simply carbon-based life forms. Explain these terms and how they work together within the context of your work and the Emotion Code and Body Code? 

What I have learned from many of my teachers, mentors, fellow practitioners, and my clients (for which I feel grateful and blessed) is that everything is energy. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or some a form of existence as yet beyond our awareness, everything vibrates at a certain frequency. That frequency can raise your vibration or lower it. You get to choose. When you’re happy, your body is happy. When you’re sad, your body is sad. Those with dogs know that when it wags its tail, it wags its whole body. The mind runs the body, not the other way around. 

Before we talk about Heart-Walls, let’s discuss the mind and emotions. I learned this simple concept and distinction from Bob Proctor and Bruce Lipton: the subconscious versus the conscious mind. The conscious mind, our our thinking mind, is believed to influence only about 5 percent of our life. Say you want to go to the store and get groceries. You get in your car. You know when you leave your driveway and so you chose to turn left. You go down a couple of blocks and then turn right at the gas station, go one more block, and then turn in at the store. You made conscious choices all the way, according to your wishes and desires, and arrived at your destination. 

The subconscious mind, the emotional mind, is believed to influence about 95 percent of our life. Now imagine you decide you want to go to the store. You get in your car and simply drive “on autopilot,” as we often say. You then arrive at the store, where you sit behind the wheel, wondering, “How did I get here? My mind was in a different place, and yet here I am!” That was your subconscious mind at work. It remembers everything you have ever sensed or experienced in your life! It’s all recorded there.  

This is important because when we are working with the Emotion Code/Body Code or virtually using muscle testing (AK), we are using it to access the information that is stored in our subconscious mind. Trapped emotions or unprocessed emotions that we are holding on to in our energy field — quite often from past life events, experiences, traumas, injuries, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs — affect us in the present. You could have had an experience that angered you at 10 years old and you have never processed it. Now you’re 50 years old and that feeling is still trapped in there. And that anger can be generated by your liver or your gall bladder, leading to chronic pain in the shoulders, knees, et cetera. The power of the Chart of Emotions is that it draws connections between certain emotions and organs, which in turn connect to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and even other organs. 

Okay, now let’s talk about the Heart-Wall and meridians. 

When I attended my first seminar with Dr. Nelson, I heard about the Heart-Wall. It is the build-up of trapped emotions around our hearts that keep healing energy and love from flowing in and out. I knew then that it was so important not only to release my own Heart-Wall but also to help as many people as I could. So I became a Heart-Wall Specialist and still am today. 

Meridians are energy pathways throughout the body. They function as a network much like a highway system that can be mapped out throughout the entire body. They are similar to the circulatory system in western medicine; however, these are not physical pathways but energetic ones. There are the 12 main meridians governing various organs, but there are also “extraordinary meridians” that feed into the main ones. Proper energy flow throughout this network is essential for optimum health, but quite often they are negatively effected by trapped emotions and are part of the Body Code Program. 

Now for magnetic medicine. 

Earth is a magnet. Our body runs on magnetic and light energies from the earth and the sun. Without these energies we would not exist. All of our thoughts are magnetic. When we are using the Law of Attraction we are magnetically attracting things to us, whether positively or negatively charged. The pineal gland or “third eye,” the brown chakra has magnetic crystals in it and is also our area of ESP and non-verbal communication. How often have you thought of someone and then they call you or you run into them that day or a few days later? It happens all the time. It’s a fascinating area to explore. 

The heart has a magnetic field, a holographic field, that can extend out 12 feet or more. Because the heart is the seat of the soul, the source of love and creativity, it has recently been proven that if you send love to someone, even hundreds or thousands of miles away, it registers in their brain! Sending love really works. 

In the mid 1990s I was introduced to a Japanese wellness company, where I first met Dr. Nelson. We were using and sharing magnetic health products to help ease our aches and discomforts, reduce stress, speed healing, sleep better, and restore balance to our bodies. I still use and recommend them today, as do millions of people all over the world, to maintain vital energies, stay healthy, and prevent illness. 

The use of magnets for health dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and present-day Japanese and Chinese. Magnets were used in the USA after Civil War. I use them to release negative emotions from the body and restore balance. I believe energy medicine will be the future of health, as it connects us to Mother Nature on many levels and helps us heal from within.

What is one of the first questions you ask clients who come to you, to custom-fit your treatment options to their individual challenges? 

Before I work with a client — the majority of which are remote or distance — the first question I ask is, what are the symptoms or issues you are wanting help with? It can be chronic physical pain; ongoing emotions like grief, anger, sadness; mental issues, such as anxiety or depression; or spiritual disconnection. 

In order to solve a problem you must first identify it. I use applied kinesiology and the Emotion Cody/Body Code Program to get to the source of their issues. Sometimes the answer is simple; other times it is more complex. It’s like being a detective and tracking down and deleting the source of the complaint. An example familiar to many: “I went through a difficult divorce and I’m still feeling resentment, still feeling stuck, and even my children are still suffering, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve tried counselling and many other things, and so far not much seems to be working.” 

You can guarantee they will have a Heart-Wall and other trapped emotions or thoughts that they are still holding on to. Sometimes one 30-minute session can change all of that for the better, and sometimes we need to peel away a few layers first to help them. Everyone is different and has their own story to deal with. Now that we know the issues or symptoms and have permission to connect to their subconscious mind, we are ready to ask, “Is there anything blocking, stopping or preventing us from working on these issues? Is there anything you need to release first?”

What are some of the biggest revelations clients have after they begin treatment with you? 

Some of the biggest revelations clients have after they begin a session with me are many. For example, sometimes, they are surprised by what is coming up for them. It may not make sense to them initially; however, as we go along things seem to make more sense and they come to realize this is their story. 

Some clients are very aware and they start to know some of the answers before the questions are even asked. Remember we are asking questions and testing for yes or no answers and following the program. The answers are coming from their subconscious mind into their conscious awareness — ah-ha! moments. Occasionally they will ask, “How did you know that? I’ve never told that to anyone before.” 

Another common revelation is, “I thought I dealt with that already, but there it is, still in my energy field!” We may be working on a particular issue, but many times that issue has a connection to another issue. For example, today I was working with a client who was dealing with some Heart-Wall emotions of feeling abandonment and loneliness, and after I cleared some emotions, the pain that was in her right hip disappeared! In energy medicine we say, “Anything can cause anything.” So many stories to share.

What amazes me about your work is how quickly it can be effective. How often do you have clients later experience a new layer of awareness that brings them back to you for follow-up or fresh treatment? 

The Emotion Code/Body Code can quite often get instant results for people. For example, chronic neck, shoulder, or knee pain for months or years — gone! Feelings of depression or anxiety — gone! It’s always very rewarding to hear these results from my clients. Other times the issues are more complex and may require releasing of some deeper layers or through a series of sessions. One never knows until we begin doing the work. After many years of working with so many people, I’ve learned one truth that applies to everyone: We are all different; we all have our own story.

What do the terms balance and well-being mean to you? 

For me balance means harmony among the mind, the body, our finances, the family, and society — the 5 Pillars of Health developed by Isamu Masuda from Japan. The whole purpose for the Emotion Code/Body Code Program is to identify and remove blocks and thereby restore balance and maintain harmony, so that our mind and body can function at optimal levels, as they were designed to do by the “celestial engineers.” 

Well-being is about having the tools and practices to continually adjust our lives and make course corrections, as we would to a rocket, so that we can release trapped emotions, restore balance, and get to where we want to go.

Tell is something about yourself most wouldn’t know — a fun fact, interesting perspective, or an engaging story.   

When I was in my teen years, I came to the realization that I could do anything I wanted to do as long as I set my mind to it and believed it was possible. I also decided that I wanted to have a lot of different experiences in my life. I loved to fly, so I became a pilot. I loved the arts, so I became a photographer. I loved helping others, so that became my biggest passion and still is today.




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