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A successful Operations and Sales Leader with 25 years experience. Critical strengths include cohesive team building, relationship marketing and applying sound business strategies. Positive, enthusiastic, creative and results driven with a proven track record of leading successful teams. Expertise in strategic planning, management of a large book of business, market mastery, coaching mastery, human resources, training, operations, finance, organizational efficiency and leadership. MY PURPOSE To provide kind and supportive leadership with my team, peers, partners and connections. I achieve this through coaching, creating positive interactions, energy and enthusiasm, all so that I can make a positive difference in people's lives.



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…connecting the pubic to LOCAL Well-Being Practitioners

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Reflecting on THE Well-Being SHOW


BWB held it’s FIRST SHOW on April 12-14, 2019.
Much care and attention went into orchestrating a well Balanced list of exhibitors and presenters representing the four pillars of Well-Being.


Fitness, Purpose, Counselling, Yoga, Financial Health, Neuroscience, Sustainability, Community Support, Allergies, Sound Therapy, Legal Health, Change, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Water, Meditation, Mental Health, Personal Development, Performance

Anticipation and nerves led up to THE SHOW.
It exceeded expectations:

BWB Welcomed hundreds of people to the first semi-annual Well-Being SHOW!!!

The combination of exhibitors | speakers | sponsors was a fantastic representation of the Well-Being options in our community. It was wonderful to see the new connections and relationships that were created.  



It’s Mission is to connect the public to LOCAL Well-Being Practitioners.

We got Amazing Feedback from the participants:

“The caliber of the presentations were first class”
“If the BWB community didn’t exist I wouldn’t stay in Kelowna”
“I came for just half an hour, that was 3 hours ago”
“I had to come back for another day, too many excellent speakers”
“I had never tried yoga before, I loved it”
“The food trucks were a great addition to the SHOW”
“I really connected with a lot of good people who truly want to help make a difference in the lives of those struggling to find their own path”

* Were introduced to various WELL-BEING options available in the Okanagan
* Took the opportunity to meet & learn about various LOCAL WELL-BEING practitioners!
* Took the opportunity to hear WELL- BEING practitioners speak & share their wisdom!
* Came away with new knowledge, feeling inspired and pride for our community!

You can find pictures of the event on the BWB website:


And on the BWB Facebook Page:


Want to connect with those AMAZING
Exhibitors | Presenters | Sponsors
you met at THE Spring Well-Being SHOW?
You can find them ALL here!!!

THE Fall Well-Being SHOW coming Oct 4-6
Body | Financial | Mind | Social

Business Member SPOTLIGHT – Cherie Hanson by Tom Kernaghan


“To be human is to have a limited understanding of what it is I think I see.” This line, from one of Cherie Hanson’s many mind-jolting blog posts, says volumes about the awakening effect she can have on people. I’m going go a little gonzo and put myself in the story, because to know Cherie is to know that she delights in connection and electrifying exchanges that push beyond convention and conformity. She is one of the most challenging, engaging, and prolific individuals I have ever met, not just here in Kelowna but anywhere. 

Cherie is a spiritual fitness coach, poet, artist, blogger, playwright, director, producer; and a former choreographer, dancer, and English teacher. Her thought-provoking blog and Facebook posts inspire thousands and may even irk some, but they have certainly stopped my scrolling and reminded me that I may not be seeing the whole picture — personally, culturally, or politically speaking. And yet, beneath her staggering urgency and bracing honesty is a playful humour that speaks to the thrilling potential of hope in all of us. If we dare to run with that responsibility! She also holds writing workshops, entitled Writing The Self, which are designed to help you find your authentic voice and make a plan to “rewrite” your future.

A self-described outlier (with which I would agree), Cherie has risen above many challenges in her life to find the joy of discovery through sharing and teaching. With multiple degrees, including post-graduate work in creative writing and contemporary poetry, she is armed with a power to wield words that feels fully aligned with her hard-won fearlessness. She is brilliant and tough, qualities I find encouraging, not intimidating — when I am willing to confront myself.

I was stoked to have another exchange with her. 

Your posts and poetry fill my mind with electric lucidity. I understand what I’m thinking and feeling even before I’m aware I’ve read or heard the words. And your vibrant artwork wastes no time in seizing my sight. Your work is compellingly self-assured. What are you looking for in people and experiences, and through your work? And why? 

I step back and allow. My practice is to connect through submission. My hand draws what it wants to draw; my words say what they want to sound; I dance the energy I feel. When I stand on a stage, I dissolve and just deliver what comes through me. My entire life I have found that when I no longer am “seeking” and just let IT flow, I am at peace. By letting go of some tattooed-on-my-psyche narrative of who I am as a singular identity, I dissolve into a joyous rush of energy.

I have found it puzzling when people ask me: “How have you been a dancer and a choreographer? How have you been a playwright, a producer, a director? How have you been a visual artist? How have you been a writer of poetry, of non-fiction, of plays, of fiction? How have you been a performance artist? How have you been a disciplined academic and a creative?”

For me, it is all one. Everything we do as human beings, is an expression of our soul’s voice. There is no lesser. There is no greater.

The way a person places objects on a table is art. The way a person plants their garden is a deep emotional expression. The way an individual touches another is an expression of all he or she is.

We are here to love, and to create is an expression of that desire.

I’ll tie my first line into our last sit-down conversation. You called “bullshit” on a limiting belief I had. I was intrigued, a bit annoyed, and then grateful for the mental pathway you pointed out! And it made me wonder, what motivates you to be so frank?

Now is the time of a massive energy shift. The world has spun around in the same circles, the same patterns of war and recovery and yet we are not learning. We all share the knowledge that we are in a state of urgency. 

All of the systems are imploding. The earth itself is headed into the extinction cycle. What is of paramount importance is for each of us to stop lying to ourselves, to stop doing the routine, repetitive self-comforting and self-destructive rituals in the face of monumental change. 

I see my purpose in the midst of the arising chaos as that of a teacher. 

When I was four, I put chairs in rows for my dolls and set up a blackboard. I knew I was on the earth to teach my stuffies.

I know about chaos and confusion and betrayal and fear of death. I knew as a child. I have served an apprenticeship in the methodology of grounding. One is only “safe” in a shifting world if one is able to let go of old victim scripts and clearly find a purpose. 

It is a skill. And it can be taught. My calling is to help others find a footing in a shifting landscape. When the world that we know is disintegrating is when we most need to find out who each of us is, as a separate being. The mask must be discarded. 

Anyone who follows you on Facebook will know the furious pace with which you post, particularly with respect to social inequities, political corruption, and cultural stagnation. What bothers you most right now about the way people are (or are not) engaging with the world? Are people afraid of themselves, or too comfortable with complacency? 

I am filled with compassion as I watch people who are “frightened out of their minds.” They are terrified. We know from scientific studies of the function of the brain that when fear is the trigger, the prefrontal lobes cease receiving information and the parent, the wise adult, is turned off. What we are seeing is frightened children whose early childhood damage is now running the show. The corporate control of individuals becomes easier, more pervasive. 

In the deep South, the antebellum society kept a class of people as enslaved as when they were the peasants in feudal times. The system of slavery was operated by manipulation of hatred. The share croppers were told to hate blacks, to brutalize them. As long as rage can be successfully misdirected and encouraged, the human being cannot think like an adult. Nor can he understand that the power he feels in attacking another is not true power. In other words, the more unstable the world appears to be, the more volatile the human emotions become.

My goal is to educate, to present petitions for action, to post success stories of people working together for the greater good. I know what is happening and it is not something that draws me in emotionally. I just do what I am called to do and release a need to see an outcome.

You have another two-day writing workshop, Writing The Self, coming up on June 22. Tell me about this event and what people you want to discover though the experience. 

What HAS happened every time I teach the writing retreat is people are no longer in the dark about what they are doing in their lives and why they are doing it. I have spent nine years as an academic and I research to discover valid information. Family imprinting; ancestor’s trauma, brain function; the effect of our social amoeba upon us is all necessary information. I have watched people understand for the first time in their lives that they are not solely responsible for their life path. And it is only then that they can move forward with confidence. When we all can be so bold and brave as to walk on the earth without a mask, we will no longer fear one another.

I am working with a prize-winning editor, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, on my book Walking the Streets of Blood about my personal experience during the Paris Attacks in 2015 and tying it back up to my ancestors’ story of trauma damage. I ask, When does brutality become the norm? There are also YouTube interviews of me during the attack. 

You have been very public about your fitness progress. You look strong, and not just for a 70-something! Apart from the health benefits of exercise, and the visual benefits of getting ripped, what do you want people to take away from your posts?  

Each of us has a path that serves us. I shy away from being a “spiritual nazi” and saying only my path works. My goal when I work with people is to just help them return to their bodies. I see with so many their spirit is attached to the brain and there is a thin line connected to the body. 

What is your body telling you right now? Where is your energy right now?

We re-attach and come home to the body as a safe and comforting nest when we make a contract to take care of it. Some find this with rock climbing, or swimming, or yoga, or gardening. It is your body. It is your contract with your body that you are creating.

For me being strong is an old story. I have seen in past life regressions I was a warrior. In my childhood, the threat of death was present from the age of 18 months on, so feeling strong in my body is a signal to my protective personality that “I have got this!” I am capable and strong. I can feel it and see it.

I’ll quote two lines from your blog: “I am as you find me” and “my mind constantly amuses me.” Let me flip those over and ask you to share something amusing people likely wouldn’t see or assume about you upon first meeting.

I am as you find me is a direct recognition that how you respond to me is coloured by the experiences in your childhood. It is why we react automatically to certain qualities or behaviours of another person. Until we have mindfulness practice as part of our operating system, we are unable to bypass automatic activation responses. For me to be authentic, I know that I cannot rely on other people to tell me how to be good, virtuous, attractive, acceptable. 

The more I understand not to take anything personally, the more confident I become in being who I am — and surprise, surprise the more people trust me.

My trigger-quick sense of the absurd can remove the sting from any situation. This morning I was describing that during my elementary years we practiced curling up in a ball under our desks when the teacher yelled “FLASH!” I explained that I could understand how much easier that made it to scrape us up after the blast. These are the thoughts of an eight-year-old laughing at the futility of adult responses.

And how you respond to this interview, is none of my business.

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Business Member SPOTLIGHT – Sharon Strang – by Tom Kernaghan


Give a person a massage and they can reach a state of well-being. Teach a person how to massage and they can reach their potential. For Sharon Strang, instructor and owner of Focus Bodywork, life is about seeing possibilities and literally using your hands to fulfill your dreams. 

Sharon is a 25-year veteran masseuse and gifted instructor who helps her students to learn the art of massage while inspiring them to embrace the art of living well. As the former owner of The Wellness Spa, former massage teacher at Okanagan College, Kelowna, and a lifelong student of spirituality and wellness, she now offers fun, easy-to-learn private courses in healing massage. She also offers workshops in hot stone work, and guides practitioners in launching or expanding their massage businesses. 

She has expertise and stories born of experience, and she is here to help you on your journey, both personally and professionally. 

We were thrilled to learn more about Sharon and her work. 

Recently I heard someone describe the feeling of being a “walking head”, oblivious to the needs of the body. We often talk about thoughts and emotions manifesting physically. How can addressing the body’s stresses improve our well-being in the other direction? 

Stress has been proven to be the main cause of poor health. It is held in our bodies as suppressed emotions. I believe emotions are the glue that holds thoughts in place.  Stress manifests physically as tight muscles or what I call energy blocks. 

We actually hold emotions in common places throughout the body, which you can read about in You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay or in Debbie Shapiro’s Your Body Speaks Your Mind. For example, one place we hold fear is in our stomachs, thus the expression “butterflies in our stomach.” Fear is also held in our legs. We hold frustration and anger around our shoulder blades, along our trapezius muscles at the top of our shoulders, and in our arms as well.

So when we receive a massage, or bodywork, or when we exercise, it helps to relax the muscles, improve body circulation, and release suppressed emotions or pain. In my massage, I also make sure that I support my clients in breathing “into the sore spots.” The breath is a very powerful tool to release stress. And when we exercise, we naturally breathe more, making it great contributor to maintaining well-being.

Your work is about restoring balance, creating harmony, and supporting others in meeting their potential. Why were you first drawn to teaching in addition to offering healing massage? 

That is a good question! I just have a passion for helping others to succeed. And I have always wanted to be a teacher, since I was a little girl. So when I learned how life can be easier by becoming more conscious of my Self, I just wanted to help other people be happier too. During my life of personal growth training, I have learned that there is always a solution to every problem — or challenge, as most people like to call it. 

I was a single mom, trying to make ends meet, and was able to successfully become a business owner. I am basically a self-taught entrepreneur with my massage business, through my training as a Master Breath Integration Practitioner. It taught me that we all have the power inside us to create our dreams and to be successful, whatever that may look or feel like. My main goal is to teach this and inspire others through my massage courses.

You offer a variety of courses and workshops.  Your eight-month certificate program sounds comprehensive and full of resources, including small business tips.  What challenges do you address when you work to empower your clients and prepare them to run a massage business? 

The main challenge most people face, in my opinion, is the fear of becoming successful, not the fear of failure, as Marianne Williamson says. Discipline and commitment are the key to success, and I find that most people only stay committed some of the time. In our minds, we can make discipline and commitment very difficult by procrastination, which is simply fear. I point out that this is the block, and we have to “feel our fear and do it anyway,” to borrow from the title of another great book. Fear is not always real! Make a plan — intention and specific goals — and then follow it through, no matter what! It is also very important to be disciplined in staying balanced and taking care of all parts of you — mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It helps you to stay strong in all ways, so that you can maintain your commitment to your goal. It’s all connected.

Your couple’s workshop sounds like fun! Considering that wellness can vary from person to person, is it important for couples to improvise or custom-fit the massage techniques to suit their relationship? 

Yes! When it comes to massage, everyone does it a little differently, and the quality of the experience comes mostly from the energy of the person who is massaging. It is just an inherent thing, since we use our intuition as well as our knowledge when we massage properly. So everyone custom-fits the massage for each person they work on, even though they use the same basic techniques. And when it involves your partner, with whom there is a closer bond, I am sure there is custom-fitting to suit the relationship!

Describe what balance and well-being mean to you.  

For me, balance and well-being mean: 

  1. I am taking responsibility for my part in whatever happens in my life. For me this means first being aware of my thoughts and feelings, because this leads to my circumstances. If I do not like my reality, then I need to change something, starting with my thoughts!  
  2. I am asking for support! When the going gets tough, I feel that it is important to ask for support. We are not alone on this planet. This can include receiving bodywork such as massages, physiotherapy, or energy work such as Reiki or Healing Touch, or just simply talking with friends. There are many more ways to receive support. 
  3. Having a regular exercise routine, three days a week, while eating healthy and drinking lots of water.  
  4. Having compassion for myself in that I am not perfect, and forgiving myself when I do fall from my path.
  5. Having a close relationship with my spirit. Meditating daily or at least five days a week. Also praying, doing yoga, going to spiritual gatherings, and reading spiritual books.
  6. Keeping an open mind. Continually learning through courses, but always being aware of my intuition as well — and then balancing those two together in my life.

The fun finale! Share something quirky or interesting about yourself — something many would not know. 

When I was 25, I made an amazing, life-altering trip to Europe, Morocco, and Asia for sixteen months. I spent at least a month in each country that I visited. Travelling by bus from Turkey, I went through Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and then into India and Sri Lanka, where I spent four months. 

Sharon Strang




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Business Member SPOTLIGHT – Daleen Qazilbash – By Tom Kernaghan


Start creating the life you imagine — one free weekend at a time! For Daleen Qazilbash, time is simply too valuable to spend in ways that keep us from fully enjoying our lives. Daleen and her amazing team at Custom Cleaning Solutions are here to lift the burden of housekeeping so you can live your life more on your terms. 

They begin by asking you the right questions, so that they can clean your home, office, or job site according to your needs — right down to the fan blades! Thorough, skilled, and efficient when it comes to making your world shine, the experts at Custom Cleaning Solutions also know that establishing a customized home care program is  about more than pristine surfaces. Ultimately it is about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and sustainable spaces for people, pets, and the planet — including our beautiful valley. 

Daleen and her team have enjoyed wonderful success since she launched the company in 2017. They have a clear vision for how to make your home beautiful and livable while freeing you from worry, and are poised for growth in the coming years. We were eager to connect with her and gain some insight into the woman known as the “Super Cleaner.” 

Let’s talk cleaning! Some find it therapeutic. Most find it tedious. You were in financial services until two years ago. What inspired and motivated you to jump into the cleaning business?

I was longing for a more balanced lifestyle. I have two active boys at home and I really didn’t want to be spending more than nine hours a day, five days a week, outside of the home. When I wasn’t working I was cleaning the house, shopping, organizing the kids activities, et cetera. I was lucky to have a few minutes to myself at the end of the day.

I’ve always enjoyed cleaning and I know how to do it well. And I knew that combining this with my high attention to detail would help me to become successful. Having the opportunity to take the necessary task of cleaning to the next level and operate it as a business was definitely a bonus. My life is much more balanced now! 

The “custom” aspect of your name intrigues me. People and businesses vary, and I would imagine cleaning preferences do as well. First, what are some of the most common concerns people have when they seek your services? 

Yes, that is so true! Client preferences do vary and that’s why we start out by having our clients fill out a comprehensive form. As for common concerns, we often hear that people struggle to keep up with the deep cleaning of bathrooms. We have also noticed that clients like to hand over the cleaning of floors, baseboards, and windows, as these are time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks.

Also, clients are sometimes initially concerned about who will be coming into their home and if it will be the same person every time. However, I know this is a short-term worry. Once they meet our staff they are pleasantly surprised at how warm, caring, diligent and hardworking they are.

What is one of the most surprising requests or experiences you have had in your work?

While we haven’t had many surprising requests, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many of our clients spend time getting to know our team members, which certainly makes their job all the more rewarding. And I know some of our staff have become quite close with our clients and really look forward to seeing them each visit. 

I love that balance and healthy living are fundamental company values you apply to your team as well. Why is this important to you? What do balance and well-being mean to you? 

As our family has grown and life has become increasingly busy, I have realized how important it is to balance both personal life and work so that you can stay focused on what really matters most: health and loved ones. I worked full-time for a large portion of our two boys’ childhood, and so it was important for me to find a way to spend more time with Warren and William as they grew into their teenager years. This is why I started this business. I wanted to scale back and hand off as much work as I could, and then prioritize my personal time and focus on what I enjoy the most. The reason I apply this to my team as well is that I have always lived by the golden rule: treat others how you would want to be treated. Because I try to incorporate that with my staff, we have a great give-and-take relationship when it comes to flexibility and communication. Balance and well-being are about caring for yourself and those around you. 

Now for the fun finale! Tell us something quirky or interesting about yourself that many would not know. 

Well, I have taken up a fairly extreme hobby as an adult, and it involves dirt! A few years ago I bought myself a dirt bike, never having set foot on an ATV. Since then I have fallen in love with off-road trail riding and last year I even entered a few hare scramble races. And now I’m hooked! 

Tom Kernaghan, owner of Oak Writer
I write stories about people, businesses, and communities so that people will remember what makes them uniquely powerful.
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Featured BWB Business Member Cindy Maki – by Tom Kernaghan


Cindy Maki once made a rocking chair with the legs on backwards. While this was an amusing mishap on a path to a woodworking career she didn’t pursue, there is nothing accidental about her true work. For Cindy, a trained life coach and energy healer, getting unstuck and moving forward in life requires the clarity and courage that results from focusing inward and learning to love ourselves. The owner of True Vision Coaching & Healing Arts, she has spent 15 years helping dissatisfied people to confront their self-doubts, avoid comparisons, and trust their hearts to guide them toward better lives. 

Cindy understands that reaching a new perspective and direction is not always easy to do alone. A graduate of the Coaches Training Institute in California, a reiki master, and a woman who has experienced profound personal challenges, she is keenly aware that achieving the self-awareness needed to release, shift, and reset our lives requires self-acceptance — and sometimes the support of others.

Enter the Self Love Circle. Cindy has created a variety of sessions and workshops to support her clients and teach them what it means to love oneself in practical terms every day. We were excited to learn more about how she found her true vision and how she guides others to find their own. 

First let’s look in the mirror. Every day you look yourself in the eye and repeat a mantra over and over. What do you tell yourself, and what has it taught you about what so many of us struggle with? 

When I look at self in the mirror each day, I have a practice of acknowledging the reflection I see, and truly loving the person who looks back at me. This didn’t happen right away, and there were a lot of tears and persistent trials by fire, until eventually I got to the place where I know I have my own back without question or hesitation. Now I know I can get through any challenge and overcome adversity. Most importantly, I love my life!

If you don’t mind, I want to talk about something you went though that many haven’t — the loss of a son. Unimaginable to most, this experience was and is your reality. How did confronting and dealing with his death deepen your understanding of yourself and your work?

Experts report that we each deal with grief in our own way on our own timeline, and to some extent I believe that to be true in my case. It is definitely a process and one that can get stunted depending on one’s beliefs. It’s coming up to an eleven-year journey for me and perhaps I am not done yet. What I do know for sure is that my spiritual beliefs and the work I practice supported me tremendously in moving through my grief, loss, and healing. Of course I had unlimited support from family and friends too. I went from a state of shock and disbelief in the beginning (this was not supposed to happen in my life; my son, Cody, died from suicide at age twenty-two) to a sureness in knowing that I am always safe, loved, and can survive anything that comes my way. I am here for a purpose. My experience took me from being a victim to being a witness with a choice about how my life unfolds. 

After much reflection I came to the belief that Cody’s death was the worst thing that could ever happen; yet I was still here, thriving in my own way. This realization has filled me with deep gratitude, and now I feel kind of invincible in a wise way. I understand that I am here in this life to share my learning and keep on going. Not because it’s what my son would have wanted, but because I want to live and contribute. I value my life and the time I have to live. Life is precious and sometimes short, and so I want to guide others to their own true vision for life so they can live it!

Now for the Self Love Circles — a lovely and comforting name. How do these look and work, and what is one of the most profound discoveries people make when they participate? 

Self Love Circles evolved from my own practice of healing after Cody passed away. They happen in person or online and follow a simple structure that allows for sharing, reflection, and discussion with like-minded people. Generally, there is a new topic each time a circle gathers. There is discussion about what self love is, how to develop a self-love practice, and the development of a personalized recipe for self love that each participant will create over time. Every person comes away with their own “a-ha.” However, being with others who are also experiencing a disconnect, feeling overwhelmed, and lacking support is a gift in itself. The realization that you are not the only person who feels the way you feel is reassuringly powerful; it brings hope and relief. In addition, my sense about profound discoveries made by participants is that they learn to talk to themselves in a way that is not judgmental, nasty, harsh, or downright abusive. That kind, encouraging self talk is a practice that can be developed and can make a huge positive impact on our day-to-day life.

You’re originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario. How long have you been in Kelowna, and what brought you here? 

I moved from Thunder Bay to Kelowna in December of 2018 following a knowing that came to me: it’s time for Part Two of my life. It was an interesting mix of recognizing it was time to move from my comfort zone (where it definitely felt like something was missing), letting go, and starting anew. This was a huge learning in trust for me, accepting one step at a time rather than having the whole plan in place before acting — which in my experience keeps a lot of good things from getting started and happening!

Tell us something quirky or interesting about yourself many would not know. Feel free to elaborate on the rocking chair, or surprise us! 

I am a collector of heart-shaped rocks; it’s a hobby I stumbled on quite by accident. When I lived in Ontario I spent the summers boating along the rugged shores of Lake Superior, where I loved walking along the beaches and picking up rocks. One day I found a distinctly heart-shaped rock and said to my partner at the time, “Look at this heart-shaped rock I found.” To which he replied there is no such thing. I get inspired by a challenge, so it was the beginning of my mission to collect them. And yes, I moved my heart-shaped rock collection with me to Kelowna!

True Vision Energy Coaching

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BWB Business Member PAMELA LYNCH a Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan


“Connect to your story, your purpose, your why.” 

Pamela Lynch believes your book matters and encourages you to hone your skills as a unique storyteller. She guides you through the book creation process from concept to celebration. Pamela’s commitment is to help you birth your book and share it with your audience. This is a path she knows well. 

The creator of Alesia Publishing, Pamela married her 31 years in traditional book publishing with her love of Universal Laws and ancient wisdom to launch a niche publishing house. She works with coaches, healers, and change-makers who focus on transformation for themselves or their clients. Pamela also specializes in working with elders to capture their story in the form of a legacy memoir. An intuitive, collaborative leader and “book whisperer,” she sees the highest potential in others. Pamela’s mission is to work with people whose passion is to share their wisdom. 

Pamela thrives on collaboration and a profound exploration of freedom. She sees the stories from our past pain and the alignment with the dreams our soul is nudging us to pursue. She’s dug into her own story only to see her purpose revealed, and is very familiar with the joys and challenges of looking within to find one’s truth. Pamela offers a 64-day writing and accountability program and fun retreats in exotic locations. These help you stay connected to your story and the writing process. 

We were thrilled to chat with Pamela to learn more about her vision to connect people to themselves and to others through the power of their stories. 

Your first online master class is rich with guidance and insight. Let’s start there. One combination of ideas that stuck out for me is the desire for freedom. What fundamental freedom do are we seeking, and how will telling our stories help to put it within reach?

We speak and think in stories, and are storytellers just like our ancestors who passed stories down through the ages. Telling our stories connects us to our past, and we create our life from that perspective. When we are willing to change and shine the light on our story, we illuminate the truths, and the lies, that formed sub-consciously in early childhood. We become open to questioning the very tales we sought so hard to protect. When we are aware of our limitations, we realize that we have the power to change our story to one that matches our true desires rather than embracing one that is comfortable and familiar. When we are feeling unfulfilled, it is a nudge from our Higher Self to alter our story to come into alignment with our trajectory to live our life’s purpose and experience freedom. The freedom comes after we acknowledge it is a great privilege to be the creator of our story.   

You explore a very powerful double-barrelled obstacle to completing a book: distraction and doubt. A client comes to you, ready to write but caught between the competing desires for both change and certainty (which you juxtapose quite wonderfully). How would you put them at ease in order to move forward?

Our desires for certainty and uncertainty seem to be conflicting, but clients come to understand they fuel us in different ways. The desire for certainty arises when you have a dream or an idea, and the doubter shows up to keep you safe yet undermines your desire. There’s a wonderful process I share to invite the doubter to be an ally rather than foe. Clients also learn the eight ways we sabotage ourselves and how to modify the behaviour that takes us out of the writing process. 

This is an exciting time in your life, as you are enjoying the culmination of many experiences and challenges over decades that have prepared you to help others. Let’s focus on one. How did connecting to your own story prove to be such a pivotal moment on your journey?

Earlier I alluded to using ancient wisdom in my business. Humans are born to see patterns and one of the ways we can see and understand these patterns is through numbers. Ancient civilizations used math to solve complex ideas, and many of us have forgotten that we can attune to the energy of the numbers. After being introduced to numerology two years ago, my Divine Purpose Blueprint revealed my higher purpose, gifts, blessings, strengths, and obstacles. It changed everything for me.

You are holding a Divine Wisdom Writing Workshop this month. This event sounds wonderful! Tells what participants can look forward to experiencing or discovering about themselves. 

The Divine Wisdom Writing Workshop invites participants to access their creative energy. We use meditation to tap into the collective field where the book they want to write already exists. 

Clients will create momentum in their writing process by being in a 64-day manifestation cycle, during which we will meet twice a week. 

Our first meeting each week is a class to gain practical advice about the writing process. Clients will receive laser coaching to bring awareness and clearing to the patterns that get in their way — doubts, fears, and saboteurs. 

The second meeting opens with meditation to get clients writing in the collective energy of a co-working group to fuel their creative genius.

One of the bonuses clients receive is a Divine Purpose Blueprint report, which I shared earlier helped me to identify and embrace my purpose. Sharing this data about their personality with them is a massive advantage to us both. I also used numerology to name my business by ensuring its name aligned with my higher purpose and my clients. Every letter of the alphabet is assigned a number. I share this pattern in the program for authors to use the same process to align their book title, so it resonates with its readers.

Care to share an interesting fact about yourself that most would not likely know? 

I was 29 years old when I earned the distinction of receiving my black belt in Shotokan Karate from Sensei Miguel Palavecino, an accomplished master in martial arts. He was also Uncle Mikey to my son, Sean, who was raised in the dojo (training hall). Shotokan Karate’s founder, Gichin Funakoshi, built the first Shōtōkan dojo in Tokyo. In Japanese, karate means, “The Way of the Empty Hand.” 

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