Medicine Drum Ceremony By Rochelle McFarlane

WE are all Energetic Beings no matter what we look like on the outside.
There’s a common thread all beings have, it’s the first sound we heard within our Mother’s Womb; her heart beat.  Drumming takes us back to this sound so we can unlock pieces of our innate healing abilities. It has been used all around the world, by many cultures. Creating with your own hands something that you can use for many health related benefits. The sound can support coordination in the body and soothe the nervous system.

Attending a medicine drum ceremony  can help one to ground into the flow of it all and witness how everything is connected no matter our individual experiences.  
This ceremony is a personal self based care class that supports the process to create your own Elk Hide hand drum. Something magical happens when we make our own drum, it can be a catalyst for our healing journey.

We connect to where death was and where rebirth can take place within the hide itself and how this relates to our whole-beingness.

As we lace the hide onto the frame is this a lesson of how we need tension in our life in order to fully connect our experiences. Tension can help us grow just like it gives the hide life around to make sounds for our healing path.

The drum honours the water element in the quadrant of the West inside the medicine wheel. This is the space where we can witness our emotions, water in the body, the shadow self, connect to the physical body, where endings and death happen.

Gathering with others to birth their sacred medicine drum is such an honour to nurture. We understand what it feels like to be called to create this healing tool. Please reach out to schedule your ceremony.

Great medicine for clearing and creating with the Elk happens. This is helping us to slow down, feel, release and relax knowing we are entering into the present with fresh eyes and clarity for what we are doing. We can connect to our authentic self and vision. The drum shows us the cycle of life itself, this ceremony is about healing all the layers within our self. The drum will show us things we have yet to see.

This process is magical and nourishing beyond any other ceremony, for our drums will lead us to more each time we play them. Creating our own songs and rythms is powerful!

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