Fear and the Bear


It was a clear warm evening that Summer Solstice of the bear visitation. A small group of friends and a watchful dog gathered outside around a campfire to connect and share conversation as life rolled through pandemic times. (What’s important about this so far is the gathering and connection.)

Part way through the evening an unusual scent drifted through the air, reminiscent of skunk – but not really. Mention of a bear sighting in the area in the past days stimulated a lively discussion as to the course of action in case there was more to come than scent. As a group it was decided there was no present danger. Then, bonded together in shared trust and focus they carried on with the evening, unhampered by the unknown Continue Reading

Healthy Conflict – Oxymoron or Essential Life Skill? by Barri Harris


I take great pride that others see me as someone who tries hard to find the “win-win” in most conversations, whether that is at work or with my family.  So I was shocked to realize that by trying to minimize or avoid situations that might involve conflict, I was making things much harder on myself and others!

How do you handle conflict?  Like me, do you try to limit your interactions with people that you find frustrating?  Conflict at home and at work is common, and in these uncommon times of working from home it is more important than ever to build your ability to handle conflict in a healthy way. Continue Reading

Dealing with Covid with a Sense of Humour – by Layton Park


This Covid thing has brought on several questions and old memories.

When I was growing up many families on our block, right in town, did not have indoor plumbing, instead they had an old fashioned out-house with a moon cut into the door for light, at the back of the lot.

In one of my humour books, I went to some length explaining that there was no toilet paper in most of these out houses, but rather old Sears and Eaton’s, newsprint catalogs. In the spring they were a little ratty after spending the winter as shin guards for young hockey players but then they went right back to the out houses.  This was recycling at its finest.

These catalogs were in most out houses until both companies went out of business and Canadian Tire took over but provided high gloss flyers, which was not a good replacement in the back house.

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Thank you BalAnce Well-Being Business Members



Dear BalAnce Well-Being Business Member I thank you so very much for choosing to be a part of the BalAnce Well-Being Community.  As you know I am passionate about supporting small businesses and helping them thrive and grow since I started working with them at TD in the early 90’s.  I know it is tough going on your own so I wanted to build a sense of belonging through community and create opportunities to promote all of you.  We are Featuring Members in various ways, holding many events for you to network and connect and we also promote you through various platforms.  If you are struggling with anything or would just like a sounding board, your not alone, please don’t hesitate to connect I LOVE helping people and businesses that’s my happy place.


Be Prepared for too much FUN! by Odette Baumgartner


The sun is in the sky and summer activities are filling your calendar. Pack your bag, sport your best bling and rock summer in the Okanagan. “Yeah, shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

Tempting food and (up & coming?) scorching weather are bound to be responsible for some stomach aches and sun burns. I am sure there will be a few beverages and burgers consumed in the sun.

As I am trying to morph my family and teach our clients to stay away from over the counter solutions to our daily discomforts, I have discovered many natural resources. Here are a few natural tips and alternatives to keep you from going over the edge and a few more if you happen to forget that there is an edge, finding yourself wallowing in remorse.

Did you know?

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Following the Laws of Nature, Your Body Can Heal by Donna Roth BA BEd MH


A lump or a so-called tumor appears for a very good reason if you trust the Laws of Nature and recognize that your body has an amazing intelligence well beyond scientific knowledge. A tumor is your body’s way of walling off invasive toxic debris that is present in your blood stream. Your body creatively finds a very safe avenue to create a wall around these poisons so that they do not harm the rest of your body. How miraculous! If you decide to expose this lump to injury via a biopsy or a surgery to remove it imagine what starts to happen. Now that amazing disposal system has been removed. The body has no longer a system of depositing unwanted poisons and they continue to float freely in the blood harming other organs and glands. The toxins in the blood have nowhere to go until another wall is created or the poisons start irritating another organ until a cancer is formed.

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A commentary on the last 3 months by Alisa Farr


The Great Pause, is what it’s been called. I’ve heard it be described as The Great Confusion, The Great Frustration. The Great Opportunity, The Great Pivot, The Great Diversion and The Great Theft.

Whatever one wants to call it, the past 3 months have been impactful. We have all been affected in one way or another by this virus. It has been controversial and confusing.
Don’t wear masks, they’re useless. No, no, wear masks, they’ll save lives. Bathe in hand sanitizer too…. Oh wait. It’s sold out. Well, you can make your own with… oh wait, it’s sold out. Also, this respiratory attacking virus requires copious amounts of toilet paper. Also, sold out.
We will not close the borders. Actually, we are closing the borders. No international travel.
Let’s make it no international OR interprovincial travel. Also, we’re going to start tracking you. Maybe even have the police show up at your home if there are more than 5 people there.
Stay inside. No, go outside and get fresh air, but not in the parks, especially not at the beaches and more especially not with your kids.

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Self Regulate while you Educate is a Game Changer! By Crystal Jensen


Do you remember a time when you were younger and you just wanted to be heard? But instead,  you were told to go to your room with the door closed….

The harder you cried, the harder you kicked the walls in anger and frustration, no one came. You continued to cry until you felt so tired you fell asleep forgetting why you were crying to start with. Over the years, many have started to ask if there are different approaches to teaching children. This has brought up many good questions about parents or caregivers own upbringing such as;

What if your parent or caregiver struggled to acknowledge their own feelings?

What if they didn’t know how to help you?

What if hearing you cry was bringing up stuff from their own past?

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A Holistic Approach to Treating Anxiety by Tricia Veltri


Anxiety is becoming an epidemic in our culture. According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada, “one in four Canadians will have at least one anxiety disorder in their lifetime.”  This can be debilitating as people often experience sleepless nights, preoccupation of negative repetitive thoughts, or feel a sense of dread, worry, or terror.  Along with the psychological symptoms, anxiety can present physically as nausea, sweating, diarrhea, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, and feeling constantly on edge.

Most of us want a quick fix because living with anxiety can be unbearable. However, before you run to the doctor and ask for a “magic pill” that will ultimately just mask the symptoms, consider treating anxiety with a holistic approach.
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