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Thank you for reading this little heart nugget of mine, I really appreciate it, and you.

This newsletter was created to share the things I am personally using to assist me on my own spiritual path.  I share them with you in hopes they will have the same profound effect on your life as they have on mine. May you find solace in them and may they be received with the loving support I hold for you always, in All Ways.


Holotropic Breathwork Sessions

Please join us for an evening of transformational breathwork to connect your mind, body, and spirit. These events consist of 3 parts:
1) intention setting
2) breathwork (80 min)
3) Reflection/ sharing in sacred circle

This experience is guided by a trained breathwork faciltator and is holotropic in nature. Breathwork is known to be transformational in assisting one along their spiritual path, and transmuting emotional energy and trauma that is stuck in our physical bodies. Breathwork is somatic- meaning it provides a safe experience for one to realease energies that the body is ready to emotionally and physically purge. You will be gently guided to change your breathing patterns to create a mild , altered state of consciousness.
Breathwork reduces stress, creates clarity and feelings of love, peace, gratitude, comunication (with self and others) , and connection. Breathwork also helps release trauma or mental, physical, and emotional blocks, as well as anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and anger.

Some blankets and pillows are provided however please bring your own.
***NOTE***. Breathwork sessions are completed laying down. To attend please make sure that you are comfortable to lay in one position, on your back for 80 minutes.
Tickets are non refundable, but they are transferable if you cannot make it.
Please be healthy prior to attending, anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will be asked to return on another date.

Grab a ticket here, we are already half full for the September 24th date!


The Lighthouse Program begins March 2023!
If you are looking for a training program to assist your healing, open your Heart, set alight your spiritual path and find yourself ‘home’ in a beautiful, supportive community of like minded humans, this program may be exactly what your soul requires. The program is currently half full. We begin in March 2023.
More info here:
Contact me to inquire : [email protected]

What I’m Creating

5 years ago, as my spiritual path deepened even further and I began to fully, wholly trust myself and my inner guidance, I began to download recipes for medicinal sprays that shift energetic patterns. At the time I had no idea how to make tinctures or use essential oils for healing, and I was just beginning to work deeply with the 4 major medicines I use : Red cedar, Imphepho, wild rose, and local sagebrush. The result of following what I was hearing were recipes for essential oil healing sprays that help people shift energetic patterns. They are incredibly powerful, and I create them only once per year, after travelling to the Sunshine Coast to harvest red cedar in ceremony to make the base tincture for the sprays. I began using them for my own healing and they completely transformed my energetic body as I processed and cleared my own inner understanding of my past. These offerings, directly from Spirit, are now ready for those that feel called to benefit from extra energetic support. I have two offerings this year:

1) GROUNDING- $55+ tax
This medicinal spray grounds the Spirit into the physical body, and is especially useful if you feel easily impacted by the state of the World, have a history of dissociation due to trauma, and would benefit from some assistance in calming the mind during periods of stress. This particular spray is standardized and the recipe is a secret blend that will never change. “Grounding” is my flagship offering. It contains a base of Western Red Cedar tincture and 17 other essential oils.

2) HEART HEALER- $88 + tax
This medicinal spray is like an angelic hug for your tender heart. The only way I can describe it is a gentle, loving, safe medicine for all your healing parts. It enters the heart like a salve we didn’t know we needed. It is especially powerful for healing grief, the inner child, heartbreak and hypersensitivity to the energetics currently on our planet. This medicine contains PURE rose oil and Angelica (as well as 11 other essential oils)- two of the most powerful healing oils available.
I have very limited quantities and more than half are already spoken for. To order, contact me directly at [email protected]

What I’m Listening To
(Audible book)
“Everything is Here to Help You”
~by Matt Kahn

Everything Is Here to Help You offers an emotionally supportive way to shift out of the inner war of ego, and into the illuminated presence of your soul.
In this book, spiritual teacher and intuitive Matt Kahn redefines the spiritual path for the modern-day seeker, and offers original, innovative ways to resolve fear, unravel judgments, and learn how to view life from a clear, expanded perspective. By redefining our understanding of the spiritual journey from the point of view of the soul, Matt breathes fresh life into all aspects of the healing journey to usher in a revolutionary and loving approach to personal growth.
Each chapter highlights Matt’s most cutting-edge teachings and loving wisdom. From learning how to unravel blame by exploring the four stages of surrender, to providing step-by-step energy clearings and recited activations to amplify the power of your consciousness, this book offers a clear road map to explore the magic, mysteries, and miracles that reside in every heart.
This book also includes engaging questions to contemplate, as well as energetically encoded mantras to experience our unlimited spiritual potential.
Get ready to explore a deeper reality, daring to view your life through the loving eyes of Source and opening yourself up to life’s miracles! “No matter how anything seems or appears – everything is here to help you become the one you were born to be.”

Listen to it here:



“Family is Everything.”

‘Family does not mean a sacrifice in your emotional wellbeing. Stop encouraging toxic relationships with emotionally abusive family members. You don’t have to remain loyal to people that no longer align with your growth.’

~author unknown

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