Can you Forgive? by Trent Janisch



Every person has moments in their life when they are being mistreated by others. All of us experience it. Some more than others. No, it isn’t fair. And no, it isn’t right. Mistreatment is cruel at any level.

I am inspired when people who have been so horrifically abused find the ability to forgive. These are people who have been so unjustly mistreated – innocent, yet still being harmed.

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Why is vulnerability a good thing? | Bonita Kay Summers


Vulnerability seems to be the favourite buzz word of the moment. Whether you’re watching Brene Brown’s Netflix special on the subject, taking Pema Chodron’s online course, Living with Vulnerability, or reading Elizabeth Lesser’s book, Broken Open, you’re likely hearing the word more often these days.

If we look at the etymology of the word, we get the following:

c. 1600, from Late Latin vulnerabilis “wounding,” from Latin vulnerare “to wound, hurt, injure, maim,” from vulnus (genitive vulneris) “wound,” perhaps related to vellere “pluck, to tear”, or from PIE *wele-nes-, from *wele- (2) “to strike, wound”. From

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A new Tapping audio for you…from Sherry Lukey


Pressure and anxiety.
I don’t know about you, but pressure and anxiety are two feelings that used to plague me, but usually are just noticing for me now. However, with being out and about a bit more recently, and because everywhere, and everyone seems to be operating by slightly different rules, pressure and anxiety have made a bit of a come back :(.Extremely sensitive.
I am also extremely sensitive (I now consider this to be my superpower and not a curse ;)), and the pressure and anxiety people are feeling is palpable for me.  Have you been feeling it too?Take my own advice.
So, I took my own advice (so happy when I do that!) and Tapped, because EFT Tapping is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Tapping audio.
The new Tapping audio below will eventually be added to my YouTube channel ( Still, I thought because I appreciate you taking the time to read my emails, I thought I would send it to you immediately.

If you are feeling pressure and anxiety for any reason:

Sending you relaxation and peacefulness,
XO Sherry

Business Member SPOTLIGHT of Barbara Wellborn by Tom Kernaghan


Often the best way through the hardest decision is to take the gentlest route. For Barbara Wellborn of Wellborn Bodyworks, that means looking inward and finding a new direction toward self-care. With 20 years of experience in spiritual coaching, massage, meditation, deep energy work, and aromatherapy, Barbara guides women to the clarity and confidence they need to release the trauma of the past, move forward at a crossroads, and create the life they deserve, with the grace and self-awareness needed to continue on their journey.

Barbara understands the pain and difficulty of change. After struggling with personal and professional challenges during her younger adult years, she listened to the universe and chose a healthier path. After learning to honour her true self, she answered the call to help others live better lives in the present. Today she offers long programs and short courses for individuals and groups, focusing on the uniqueness of each person and the obstacles they face while blossoming into their truth.  

I was delighted to learn more about Barbara, the work she does, and her thoughts on well-being. 

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A commentary on the last 3 months by Alisa Farr


The Great Pause, is what it’s been called. I’ve heard it be described as The Great Confusion, The Great Frustration. The Great Opportunity, The Great Pivot, The Great Diversion and The Great Theft.

Whatever one wants to call it, the past 3 months have been impactful. We have all been affected in one way or another by this virus. It has been controversial and confusing.
Don’t wear masks, they’re useless. No, no, wear masks, they’ll save lives. Bathe in hand sanitizer too…. Oh wait. It’s sold out. Well, you can make your own with… oh wait, it’s sold out. Also, this respiratory attacking virus requires copious amounts of toilet paper. Also, sold out.
We will not close the borders. Actually, we are closing the borders. No international travel.
Let’s make it no international OR interprovincial travel. Also, we’re going to start tracking you. Maybe even have the police show up at your home if there are more than 5 people there.
Stay inside. No, go outside and get fresh air, but not in the parks, especially not at the beaches and more especially not with your kids.

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Self Regulate while you Educate is a Game Changer! By Crystal Jensen


Do you remember a time when you were younger and you just wanted to be heard? But instead,  you were told to go to your room with the door closed….

The harder you cried, the harder you kicked the walls in anger and frustration, no one came. You continued to cry until you felt so tired you fell asleep forgetting why you were crying to start with. Over the years, many have started to ask if there are different approaches to teaching children. This has brought up many good questions about parents or caregivers own upbringing such as;

What if your parent or caregiver struggled to acknowledge their own feelings?

What if they didn’t know how to help you?

What if hearing you cry was bringing up stuff from their own past?

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