So, being miserable is going out of style by Tara Pilling

3f4e267d-0fa1-7766-27cd-81237359bfd7.jpegHealing is a space that more people are entering because they are tired of carrying the weight of the past and are ready to unbind old conditioning that places limits on their happiness.

People all over the world are actively finding ways to heal themselves in much greater numbers than in past generations.

The work of letting go does not feel as mysterious as it used to, because therapists and meditation techniques can now clearly walk you through the process.

We have much further to go in regard to accessibility, but it is undeniable that healing tools are now available to greater numbers of people.

Even though the time we live in feels so daunting with all of the massive issues that humanity faces, this is one area that can actually give us hope.

The healing of the individual will spark greater and more harmonious waves of change. 

When people clear their minds of old hurt, they become more creative, more compassionate, and they feel a new vibrant energy.

This does not just stay with them, they radiate this goodness outward through their actions.

Minds that are in the midst of healing will be able to consider old problems and arrive at new solutions.

Our greatest asset in transforming the world and uplifting human dignity is healing ourselves so deeply that we become unwilling to harm others directly or indirectly.

Observing your own mind so that your emotional history no longer stunts your relationships or life goals.

You can learn a lot from other people, but revolutionary internal change comes from building your self-awareness to the point where it becomes easier to make good decisions that make your present and future brighter.

Allow yourself to be inspired by others, but remember that the deepest transformations occur when you become more familiar with the patterns that impact your behavior (the ego likes to compare).

Too often, we get stuck listening to the stories of other people in the hope of it effortlessly changing ourselves when what would truly serve us best is turning our attention inward.

If you want to heal the dynamic between you and yourself, then you need to have the courage to explore the conditioning that shapes your perception. 

Whenever you find yourself thinking that another person has all the answers and validation you are looking for, you are actually devaluing your power (this is different than having a mentor). We can’t keep asking people for advice who don’t have the answers and knowledge and could only advise based on their experience and perception.

Love, freedom, and wisdom are seeds that sprout from within – remind yourself of this truth whenever your ego tries to tell you otherwise.

The right guidance will help you “go inward” and at the end of the day your healing and maturity is elevated by building the type of self-awareness that helps you internalize these lessons and change your actions.

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