New year, new you! – by Chris Patton

It is the New Year and perhaps you are feeling like you want to try something new or shift a situation that is less than acceptable to you. (We are known for making resolutions at the turn of the new year).

You’ll know it is time to make a change when you feel a curious mixture of discontent and vision. There is a quickening that accompanies the time for opening. Many are feeling this on a planetary scale now. We need to come home to who we are-personally and collectively. Our freedom lies in the resolution of who we are and what we want to be doing.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with these questions:

  • What choices do I need to make to create more joy in my life?
  • What do I want? What do I love? What do I long for?
  • How can I find the right language to put my dreams into words that can translate into action?
  • How can I stop myself from faltering in the follow through of my goals? In other words, how can I stop disappointing myself?
  • How can I better discover what will make me truly light up?

These, and questions like them, always push a new attitude and awareness. I encourage you to ponder them. What you are searching for is meaning. What you are seeking is the expression of your values.

What is the essence of you? Your gifts live inside and require expression. Feeling messed up is proof that something is not being allowed to come out. What wants to come out and play? What wants to happen?

The answers to your questions will always concern your unique being if you listen to your own voice. Learn the difference between the voice of your soul, and that of your ego.

There is no one like you and there never will be. This notion will set you up for what you would like to claim as your life and what is important to you. In other words, get square within yourself and then step out.

Now that you’ve formed the intention to find what you want, the next step is to listen for the answer. And, the answer will not be heard until you are quiet. It is important and necessary to slow your life pace down and become aware of the messages that are trying to come through for you. The answer might hit you over the head, or it may not. Either way, you will receive something. Become open and curious. Ask: what might happen today for me?

Know and trust in the Universe or Source or your Creator to answer you in the best way for you. Integrate that life wants you to succeed.

Perhaps your answers will come through while you are playing and enjoying music, in the shower, driving, meditating or praying, walking in nature or something else you do to park your mind? DO YOU park your mind? If not, that is imperative right now, and the very first step. Incorporating quiet time, by yourself, every day, is essential for a balanced and whole -feeling life.

Thoughts are resistant-they fill up your field and push what you are seeking away. Thinking all the time simply fills up the pathways to your mind (unless you are engaged in a daily visualization of your dreams).

An open mind and heart can receive messages designed for you. Trust in the process and you will open the pathway to your greatness.

Your greatness is the way you dance to your renewal and regeneration. Your freedom awaits! Will you go?

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