WAKE UP! The time is now! Never before have we felt, personally and collectively, like we need to do something so urgently! There is a quickening present and we are feeling it.

Perhaps you are feeling like you wish to become more ALIVE in your life! Feeling alive means engaging with all of life. What this means is feeling all the feelings and experiencing them. We tend to numb the feelings we don’t like to feel. But, if we are afraid of what can happen, we miss out on life.

What if life was hidden in the heart of every experience? It takes great courage to experience all of what life has to offer. However, the choice to engage means being on a path of meaning: FULFILLMENT (what wants to happen?) ~ BALANCE (what is the choice?) ~ PROCESS (what happens now?).

Answers will show up from two sources: the SOUL or the EGO.

Our SOUL is our divine connection to Source, the center of our whole being, the incubator of who we are, our font of wisdom and knowledge, the part that knows us and loves us unconditionally. All messages from our soul are powerful, yet quiet. There is a RESONANCE to the feel of those messages. Somehow, they feel right, or at least, righter than other messages. The more you can open to the feel of your soul, the more intimately connected you will become. And, the faster you will be able to make better choices for yourself. The better feeling urges are usually the more effortless and joyful paths for you.

This can be confusing, however.

The EGO is the part of you that began creation when you were being incubated. Your mind that has learned so many lessons, and experienced so many things, is at the heart of your ego. When you remember that your mind was created to keep you safe and alive, you will begin to understand that it noticed the times of pain, terror and strife-and it has remembered. The messages that emanate from your ego, then, are usually DISSONANT-loud, clanging and insistent. They make sure you hear them and act immediately, usually to save you from something. Those somethings are often: being alone, feeling empty, felling unloved or ignored, possibly being betrayed, avoiding pain or discomfort-you get the idea.

One of the most fruitful paths to take in your life is to learn to discern the difference between the two types of messages from yourself. Both can seem comforting in an odd way. Only you can decide, through trial and error, which voice to listen to.

Another path of learning and growing is to learn to integrate dissonance to resonance. For example, during a painful life experience, it is helpful to apply three keys for integration. They are: GRATITUDE (to consciously be thankful for the gift of a life lesson-even a painful one); VULNERABILITY (to surrender to the truth of that gift); COMPASSION (to allow feelings of tenderness for yourself as you learn what there is to know-allowing yourself to be exposed and loved at the same time).

The fact is that the more you love, the more pain you will have. It comes with the territory. But with pain comes great gifts of unexpected knowing.

I suppose what I am trying to say is to not be afraid of pain. The Buddha has often been quoted as saying that “life is suffering”. However, he never said that “life is suffering,” just that there is suffering in life. His teaching is about accepting inevitable suffering (the vinegar) with grace and with a peaceful mind, while allowing joy to arise naturally when conditions allow.

You will find that when you throw yourself into something with wisdom and discernment, life will reward you. When something happens that might not be optimal for you, become still and open around it. Something profound is trying to emerge.

Being open and present more often will speed these experiences through our life, which really is a short vacation here on earth.

Look around at the world today- you simply cannot afford to go back to sleep. We all need you to be on your path. And the time is now!

With whom are you dancing?

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