Fear and the Bear

It was a clear warm evening that Summer Solstice of the bear visitation. A small group of friends and a watchful dog gathered outside around a campfire to connect and share conversation as life rolled through pandemic times. (What’s important about this so far is the gathering and connection.)

Part way through the evening an unusual scent drifted through the air, reminiscent of skunk – but not really. Mention of a bear sighting in the area in the past days stimulated a lively discussion as to the course of action in case there was more to come than scent. As a group it was decided there was no present danger. Then, bonded together in shared trust and focus they carried on with the evening, unhampered by the unknown proximity of the potential bear.  A little later an undetermined animal sound echoed in the night, it sounded close. The dog remained calm; more discussion arose to validate the safety of the circle of friends. Once again, with heightened senses and an undisturbed watchdog, the group remained in place. No bear ever appeared, but, it became crystal-clear that there had indeed been a visitation – a blessing of courage and strength delivered up close and personal by the powerful bear.

I wonder about the symbolism of the encounter. To trust oneself in the face of fear, to quieten the mind and focus on the present moment, to remain true to oneself and undisturbed despite changes in the outer environment. I draw an analogy with current times and thoughts of what may come next. Perhaps fear and the bear are Way-Showers for all of us.

The friends in the story demonstrate through lived personal experience, common bravery, a dash of curiosity and self-discipline tempered with caution – just how life can produce uncommon results. In our time now there is division and upset of life as we knew it. There are also many new opportunities and choices. Perhaps this present moment is a time to explore outside the boundaries of one’s comfort zone to forge a new path? A path aligned with dreams, desires and a sense of purpose; one that may not have been considered otherwise.

We are living in an ever shifting world with an unknown future. Rather than follow the pre-determined course, is it time to breakthrough old habits, beliefs and limitations to reach the other side? To a unique expression of your talents and knowledge that will serve to enhance the world at this time; something that only you can offer? How are you balancing this current uncertainty? Have you considered your role in our collective future as it unfolds? One thing is certain, that choice rests solely with you.

Are you prepared for the journey?

Let’s revisit the importance of gathering and connection from the beginning of the story above. Take note of your skills, strengths and experiences thus far. Recall past challenges and the path forged through them by reconnecting and cultivating those same skills, strengths and experiences. Recognize this potent and ever-present inner resilience. You are stronger than you think.

When one is connected to one’s inner resilience, not knowing how life will unfold transforms from discomfort to confidence, yet knowing that ‘I got this’.  As one actively cultivates inner resilience, it becomes a deep well to draw from as needed. The way forward beckons with a knowing confidence that no matter what life throws at us, all will be well.

When life gets tough, consider leaning into the Buddhist concept of annicha; the belief that all things are impermanent and constantly changing. As it is said, this too shall pass.  Be with the fear and carry on unrestrained, staying the course of your personal vision for the future.  Develop deep self-trust and quieten the mind to stay focused on your chosen path. Draw upon the bear visitation lesson to go within, face the fear with courage and strength using one’s inner resilience.

Time will reveal what the future has in store for us. We can move forward with renewed passion and curiosity of our own accord, ever mindful to rise above the energies that can pull us down. Together in mutual respect, we got this!

Cindy Maki is a loving mindset coach and intuitive energy reader facilitating expansion of inner resilience with people who have overcome or are experiencing adversity and those who want to expand their personal development.


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