SPOTLIGHT – Carla Van Voorst & Daneaya Ziolkoski by Tom Kernaghan

Relax, let your cells talk amongst themselves, and “unwind your story.” Whether breaking the bonds of old traumas or increasing a client’s career effectiveness, Carla Van Voorst and Daneaya Ziolkoski offer a range of life improvements that are as impressive as they are inspiring. Not only can their treatments help to unburden you from the harmful effects of the past, but they can help you say goodbye those unhealthy patterns for good. They have an uncommon approach. 

Friends Carla and Daneaya have their individual businesses — Carla owns Holographic Healing, and Daneaya owns Naya Hypno — but they work together as a powerful duo with decades of combined experience and learning. While both are certified in energy healing modalities, such as Reiki and BodyTalk practices, each brings a unique set of skills and insights into their sessions. Carla focuses on intercellular communication, microbiome health, and stress-related epigenetic expression, to find and correct our inner imbalances and let the body heal itself. Daneaya, a trained and certified clinical hypnotherapist and neurolinguistic therapist, helps clients settle into their subconscious and access the source of the emotional pain and obstacles affecting the body and life.     

Their services are highly complementary and mutually enhancing, as they help people release what isn’t working and achieve lasting balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Their vision is one of holistic healing and living in the truest and fullest sense. Carla and Daneaya share a clear and unified goal: to help you live as you were meant to live, with inner strength, health, growth, and joy. As Daneaya puts it in one video, “Our soul wants to feel good.”

And I wanted to learn more! So it was a pleasure to connect with these two amazing healers. 

Let’s start with the why. What motivated you both to do the work you do. And what brought you two together? 

Daneaya: My personal motivation for doing what I am doing is an interesting story!

My father had a psychotic break when I was five years old that resulted in him receiving a diagnosis of schizophrenia — and my mother becoming a single mother to two young kids. I remember wanting to learn everything I could about the mind so I could understand his illness. I also had a love for people and a desire to help them, and a natural way of connecting with those that I met.  

However, life took me down a different path. I spent twenty years in the food service industry, which would eventually cause arthritis in my hand. I began to dive into energy medicine in 2013, and then became a Reiki master and Breathwork practitioner in 2014. At the time I was also newly certified in payroll and was working in a great tax office. When I attended a talk about becoming a hypnotherapist, I KNEW I needed to be in that course. But I wasn’t able to enrol that year, and so I went back to school to learn more bookkeeping and payroll skills. Then Carla entered my life. 

Carla and I met at a spiritual function in 2015. When I told her I wanted to be a healer, she said, “You need to come and see me for a few sessions first.” She worked with me to help me heal my hand, and we ended up training in hypnosis together. I can only describe my first experience as a goosebump in my solar plexus! I KNEW that this is what I was meant to do; this was my path. I have not looked back since. The addition of neurolinguistic programming has dramatically changed how I work and allows me to expand into coaching, among other areas. 

And it was during our training for hypnosis that Carla and I had the epiphany about working together. We were treating a young man who had suffered a serious brain injury and had been given ten months to live. By our fourth session with him, he had gone from fainting twenty times a day to being ready to work again! We knew we had found something special and began to offer our services together more and more from that moment on.

Carla: It was in 1995. My husband was sick and the medical system just kept throwing pills at him, and he got steadily worse until he simply stayed in bed most of the day. I started looking for alternatives and found a course in energy healing. When I finished the first course, I managed to get my husband better. My neighbour, who had chronic fatigue, noticed the change in my husband and came to me for help. I worked on her and in a few months she was back working full-time again.

And it all exploded from there.

Carla, you’ve talked about “the story of the body’s ‘why’” — a fascinating way to phrase the imbalances we carry. How does this story show up energetically and epigenetically? And how do your energy medicine treatments address imbalances and help restore health? 

We all have had trauma and stresses in life, which show up in our body in different ways. It can blow a fuse, so to speak, sometimes permanently affecting the body, like PTSD.

We have cell memory. When you cut yourself, it will heal as a scar, which is rebuilt for the rest of your life.

So we also have mental cell memory. When a body has been under stress for a long period of time or there are other health issues present, these side effects can become much more serious. 

With pharmaceuticals, there is the possibility of unpleasant side effects such as pain, redness, swelling at the injection site, fatigue, upset belly, headaches, chill, fever, and even more severe reactions. These reactions are your body’s way of dealing with something foreign.

Yet, the body has this incredible ability to heal itself. When you get a cut, the skin knows how to heal. When you catch a cold, or the flu, the body knows what systems to activate, and in which order to activate them to bring the body back into health. The physical body and mind have the ability to tap into and learn how to support this wisdom, but we are not taught how to do that in most of our society. 

I am able to successfully help the body come back into harmony after enduring a huge variety of things, by removing blockages from the body, rejoining broken nerves and meridians, and removing cell memories. I do that by talking to the “innate Intelligence” or subconscious mind of the person, and by clearing auras and energy fields of anything a person picks up from the environment or other people.

Daneaya, I’m intrigued by your description of hypnosis as a “highly focused state of relaxation.” Also that there are many forms of hypnosis, including daydreaming. Still, there must be people who are tentative about hypnotherapy. Address those concerns for us by telling us how it works and why it’s safe.   

Hypnosis has definitely gotten a bad reputation due to movies and stage shows. Please understand that stage hypnosis is an art form that takes an amazing amount of skill to be successful! It is, however, a show. It is entertainment, and the biggest thing I would like to emphasize here is that those people up on the stage, who are receiving suggestions, ALWAYS have the option of NOT doing what is being asked of them. 

The subconscious mind will not accept or do anything that is not in alignment with the values of the person being hypnotized. The word “suggestion” can create hesitation in some people as well. Let’s remember that we are presented with thousands of suggestions every day: what to have for breakfast, what outfit to wear, and so on.

People are always in control of what they choose. Always. In fact, in a hypnotic state during a session, one is in more control because there are less outside influences. Hypnosis is a natural state we all go in and out of every day. One could say that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis because we choose what we believe or don’t believe.

Now the two of you together! Paint us a picture of what combined treatment looks like and why it’s so effective. How do you start and proceed when someone comes to you?

Daneaya: I usually have a chat with a person before they book a session. I like to begin building a relationship first. When their appointment comes along, they are set up in the comfort of their homes, connected via Zoom, and we have a discussion about their health forms and what they want to work through in their session. I ask a lot of questions here, asking them to get specific so that I know where to guide them as they shift whatever they need to shift. And they can also ask us questions if they have any. I encourage questions!

As the session begins, I ask for permission to hypnotize them and then I began to talk, taking them into a brain wave where their conscious mind, as well as their critical mind, is out of the way, and then the change work can begin! This looks different in every session, as there are many ways to help facilitate the shift the client is looking for. 

Once the session is complete, we talk about what they experienced, and we help integrate what they have learned about themselves. Carla speaks to them about what she facilitated in their body.

Carla: When we work together, we both relax the person in our own way, and the more relaxed a person is, the more work we can do. I relax the physical body, which enables Daneaya to relax the mental body, and we both are able to work on the subconscious mind.

You’ve both been on long journeys with your work, through challenging times. What has changed and what has stayed the same in terms of your motivation, and even your approach?  

Daneaya: Great Question! A lot has changed as we navigate the current times. First of all, our physical office has closed and we have transitioned online, which has proven to be a great decision for everyone — ourselves and our clients. My motivation has only increased as the need to take care of one’s mental health has never been greater. My approach has always been one of compassion and caring, I have taken a few courses in the last year and a half, and I have a few more tools to enhance what I already do!

Carla: Yes, what has changed is the way we work, mostly online now since we gave up our office last year. As for my motivation, it is stronger now than ever, as trying to help people in these stressful times can be a challenge.

I enjoyed your video presentation on the immune system for BWB’s recent Well-Being Experience 2021, particularly your mention that stress keeps the body from doing what it’s supposed to do. The pandemic has been a strain on us all in so many ways. But sometimes we don’t know we’re not okay. What self-checks can people do to see if they might need help?  

Daneaya: Thank you! This is not a one-size-fits-all answer. We are all different and regulate ourselves in our own way.

Things to look for could include changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and behaviours that are not usual — irritability, lethargy, depression, or anxiety. Indulging excessively alcohol, drugs, online shopping, social media, et cetera. Losing interest in outside connections can also be a big indicator that someone needs some help.

Self-checking can be a challenge because mental concerns and changes can be gradual, making it easy to miss the signs. Some easy measures to self-care can include getting outside, breathing deeply, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water.

Carla: There are some questions you can ask yourself: Do I sleep well? Do I eat well?

Can I focus on the task at hand? What do I do for self-care?

Tell us a fun fact about yourself, an engaging story, or some helpful points of information about your work.  

Carla: I have three! The first is epigenetic. Every cell in your body has the same DNA. What makes us different from each other are the markers on our DNA. These determine a cell’s specialization (skin, hair, heart, et cetera). DNA is the blueprint for miRNA, which carries information to a cell’s protein making factory. However, exposure to toxins or stress can cause mistakes or changes to happen. With BodyTalk, we can reverse these changes by manipulating these markers. We can add or remove a marker by going back in history and finding out when they changed, and then repair inherited markers.

The second deals with body ecology. Our immune system has evolved over millennia alongside bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. As new microbes evolve and old microbes disappear, our immune system can go into overdrive and cause allergies, inflammation, and imbalances. This form of symbiosis helps every organism, as our co-existence is mutually beneficial and makes life possible. And a healthy microbiome creates a healthy immune system. The more diverse your diet is, the more biodiversity you have in your microbiome. Eat lots of plant fibre! 

And the third point is about energy medicine. Energy medicine does not diagnose or address specific diseases. The energy practitioner relies on the guidance of the body’s natural wisdom to locate broken lines of communication and asks the body what needs to be done and in what order. Every person is unique, and the client’s own innate wisdom will address what needs to be balanced. Even if two people have the exact same symptoms, the sessions may be total different. No two sessions are ever alike.

Daneaya: I like to collect interesting keychains. Oh my goodness, I have been collecting them for thirty-three years! I have hundreds of them, from all over the world.

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