Radical Forgiveness 2.0 by Donna Fairhurst

Radical Forgiveness 2.0

I come to you from the un ceded territory of the Syilx and Okanagan People with gratitude for your lessons and the powerful teachings coming forth in this challenging time. I am so grateful for the soul full lessons we are sharing with each other today.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves that empowers us and others to see ourselves through our hearts and Creator’s eyes. It is the result of suspending judgement, remorse, guilt, shame, blame, and fear, to live in, and from, the centre of our Sacred Soul / Self.

Why is it necessary?

This is necessary for the evolution of all levels of human consciousness and thus affects all equally, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How do we start?

True spiritual growth and freedom can only be attained by embracing forgiveness as an action plan on every level of your being. As humans we tend to judge all things, both consciously and unconsciously.

Where does it lead us?

Many people do not see the pathway to love is forgiveness. Lack of forgiveness is ego/brain based, even if it feels that our heart might be breaking. In actual fact the feeling of a broken heart, for any reason, is the first indication that Radical Forgiveness is required.

What actions define forgiveness?

When we are hurt, whether we acknowledge it or not, the only way forward is through forgiveness. If we are locked into judgment, validation of our pain, or punishing a person, a place, or situation, we are energetically cording to the very pain we don’t want to feel. It is a negative energy loop we can only cut or dissolve with love and forgiveness. 

What is not necessary to embrace to forgive?

When we  realize that it is not necessary to condone the action that has brought us pain, we can choose to take  action to come to a place of peace , calm and forgiveness. That means fully accepting that you cannot change what is past, embracing where you are, and setting a clear intention and vision  of where you intend  to be. 

Repeat after me:

“I acknowledge that harboring resentment blocks the flow of love.”

What is the gift in forgiving?

When you do that you stop identifying with your pain/problem and start identifying with the solution. The solution is always to choose YOU in your highest level of awareness, accept your emotions as a call to action , and then take  action with the powers Love, or Grace.  Remember that when you cannot feel Love for the person , place or situation, you are the prisoner and the jailor. You have the power to access GRACE.  It is your GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. 

Donna Fairhurst    (778) 622 -1743    donna@donnafairhurst.com


9 Keys for Radical Forgiveness

  1. Remember that we are Infinite Souls, born of love, to express love, and to Infinite Love we return always. 
  2. Judgement always results in Chaos and Incoherence and forgiveness always results in Calm & Coherence 
  3. Forgiveness is always heart based. Lack of it comes from judgment and ego. 
  4. When you label something, good, bad, indifferent, or anything else, you negate it. It just “IS NOW”. You created this experience to learn from it. What are you learning? 
  5. You can forgive without forgetting the lesson you learned in the process, or staying stuck in a memory. It’s an inside job . 
  6. Don’t dwell in drama. All judgment comes from drama. Get still, centred, grounded, focused, and act. 
  7. Forgiveness releases endorphins in our bodies that allow us to free the ego, and live from heart to create and embrace Hope, Joy, Love, Grace and Freedom. 
  8. It’s all about you, not the person, place, thing, or situation you are judging. Get over it and get on with it. If you are dealing with trauma, deal with it. Take the steps, access the resources available to you, get the counselling you need, and/or find a coach who resonates with your energy to help you. Staying put means staying stuck. 
  9. Don’t let judgement ground you. We are born to Fly! Forgiveness strengthens our spiritual wings, so that we may know more, grow more, flow more, and glow more! 

Homework: Acknowledge that harboring forgiveness and resentment blocks the flow of Love. Today forgive one person, or situation. Open your heart to that person and release the unnecessary suffering from the past. Feel the peace that follows from this simple act.

Donna Fairhurst    (778) 622 -1743    donna@donnafairhurst.com


Healing Mantra Affirmations


I free myself through Forgiveness to express love and grace for all that is.

Angelic Guidance : Acceptance

I ACCEPT guidance and healing from the Angelic realm which surrounds me through Forgiveness.

Root Chakra: Healing

I AM my own divine healer through the power of Forgiveness

Sacral Chakra: Strength

I AM Strength through the power Forgiveness

Solar Plexus Chakra: Resilience

I AM expanding my Resilience through  choosing the power of Forgiveness.

Heart Chakra: Awakening

I AM Awakened to the power of Forgiveness,

Throat Chakra: Transformation

I am transformed mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually by the power of Forgiveness

Third Eye Chakra: Light

I am Light, Love, and Grace, in Action throughout the power of Forgiveness.

Crown Chakra : Truth

I AM truth in all things through the power of Forgiveness.

So IT IS,  



www.Donna Fairhurst.com    (778) 622 -1743    donna@donnafairhurst.com

www.Donna Fairhurst.com

Meditation and Energy Grid for Forgiveness

Donna Fairhurst    (778) 622 -1743    donna@donnafairhurst.com

www.Donna Fairhurst.com

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