Hydration and the immune System by Jean Watson

We are living in very different times right now. And I have to ponder the question why are we not teaching people about the importance of a strong immune system? Lots of talk of keeping our distance and wearing our masks. Yet why are we not teaching how important it is to build our immune systems during this pandemic?  Our bodies are a beautiful and yet complex system that will work well, if we do our best to take care of it. So I would like to talk about a very important way to keep our health and immune system up with hydration.

I am a hydration coach. I coach those that want to learn on how to best hydrate their bodies and improve their health with water and not just any water. Kangen Water the name Kangen means back to origin. Having our water in its true form , closest to the way it is in nature before man started processing it to mess it up . Most waters on the market have have removed all the amazing benefits and minerals in drinking water . I have clients that say they have wells on their property. Even with wells, pollution seeps into our earth and then into our wells and causing toxins to enter our water source.

Are you drinking healthy water? Is the water your drinking oxidizing your body in other words lowering your immune system? Or is is anti oxidizing your body? In other words building up your immune system. So many of the popular water brands are actually oxidizing our bodies. I have a test process to show this to my clients.

I have studied many  articles on hydration with Molecular Hydrogen produced through  electrolysis. Molecular Hydrogen is one of the strongest anti oxidants we can put in our bodies. Kangen water also  known as ERW (electrically reduced water) ERW water has smaller water molecules to enter our body at the cellular level. Never leaving you feeling bloated after many glasses of water.   I always know my body is needing hydration when my  thirst increases when I am stressed through out the day. What can we all do to build our immune system? Start with pure hydration, good sleep , clean nutrition  and quality supplements. Remember your body is made up of 70-80% water ,so give it what it needs good quality water just like nature provides.

For more information on what I just shared about the importance of hydration and your immune system. Please contact me at waterlifeandenergy@gmail.com

Jean Watson
Water Life and Energy

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