BalAnce Assessment

How BALANCED are You?


About the BWB Assessment

This assessment is an on-line well-being assessment tool that
measures your individual well-being through a series of questions
that were selected from extensive scientific research.
The assessment was developed in COLLABORATION 
with the University of British Columbia.

Body Pillar

yoga-37263__180Body pillar is a fundamental indicator of life quality. Positive short-term and long-term health outcomes predict higher overall well-being.

Financial Pillar

arrow-1538693__180Financial pillar is important, because higher level of wealth predicts higher overall well-being, and increase happiness even after basic needs are met. However, its effect on the overall well-being seems to be limited after certain level of wealth. Thus, other pillars have to contribute to reach high overall well-being.

Mind Pillar

mind-767584__180Mind pillar is important, because fulfilling psychological need is critical to reach high overall well-being. Also, being mentally healthy predicts higher level of happiness.

Social Pillar

system-694520__180Social pillar is important, because frequent social contacts are critical to overall well-being, and positive social connections improve overall well-being. In addition, having more contacts with family and friends is associated with less physical impairment and higher quality of life.

Overall Well-Being


Overall well-being is an important factor that
reflect people’s overall life satisfaction and
happiness. The four pillars (body, financial,
social, mind) are the most powerful predictors of people’s overall well-being.