"We inspire others to experience purpose by Daring to Share the Feeling of Connection!!

-  Diana Reyers | BWB Business Member
of Daring to Share

Have a Fabulous Day reader

Shawna McCrea, BWB CEO

Daringly Mindful™

Daringly Mindful™

Connecting Humanity Through The Art of Storytelling, Diana Dares to the Share Stories of brave souls through her book series and book launch events,
Diana offers her readers and audience the opportunity to experience stories of personal transition describing each writer's Authentic Road Trip that, ultimately, takes them From There To Here to their Inner Purpose Feeling, their place of truth.

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ESP Parent

Rochelle McFarlane of ESP Parent

Emotional Social Physical (ESP)
Support for Less Stress and More Love
Welcome to the world of Touch For Health and well-being for your whole family!
We believe in strengthening the essential Emotional, Social & Physical abilities of parents and children by offering family movement & personal development

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Daringly Mindful™

Introducing Conversation Wednesdays

We are launching a
NEW kind of BWB Event:
* An opportunity for you to join in the conversation about People and Topics that Inspire or Challenge us
* BWB Business Members will lead the Conversation, share their experiences and wisdom
* You will be given practical take aways you can use

TICKETS $10 in advance $15 at the door REGISTER HERE



2019 Theme:  THE BASICS

There is THE Home SHOW
There is THE Boat SHOW
This is THE Well-Being SHOW

*Are you aware of all your WELL-BEING options in the Okanagan?
* Take the opportunity to meet & learn about various LOCAL WELL-BEING practitioners! 
* Take the opportunity to hear WELL- BEING practitioners speak & share their wisdom! 
* You will come away with new knowledge, feeling inspired and pride for your community!


Examples - Chiropractic, Energy Healing, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Kinesiology, Health Coaching, Business Services, Massage, Acupuncture, 

Financial Professionals, Marketing Specialists, Yoga, Homeopathy, Mindfulness,
Naturopathic, Accountants, Meditation,Nutritional Counselling, Qigong, Websites
builders, Reiki, Fitness Centres, Trainers, Sports Clubs, etc...

$10/day & $15/weekend

THE Well-Being SHOW

Kanata Kelowna Hotel and Conference Centre - 2429 Hwy 97 N, Kelowna Friday April 12th 2pm-8pm Saturday April 13th 9am-4pm Sunday April 14th 9am-4pm 20 - hours of Show Time   60 - Exhibitors (including 2 food trucks) 20 - Speakers (45 minutes each) 20 - Classes (45 minute each) $10/day  $15/weekend   EXHIBITORS SPEAKERS CLASSES SHOW SPONSORS  

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by BWB Writer, Tom Kernaghan


“Connect to your story, your purpose, your why.” Pamela Lynch believes your book matters and encourages you to hone your skills as a unique storyteller. She guides you through the book creation process from concept to celebration. As she remarks in her first online master class, “Your book is yours to write, and it is as good as written.” Pamela's …Read more.

Pamela Lynch Coaching

Alesia Publishing

My mission is to inspire you to act with intention to re-connect to your Life Mission and fulfill your deepest desires. Learn to attract what truly matters in your business and life, and take inspired action: consistently, confidently and courageously.

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Member Directory

BWB Business Members are there to
help support YOU!!!

(including business services)

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BWB Business Membership Details

  SUPPORTING BWB MEMBERS TO THRIVE & GROW BASIC - $20/month or $220/annual …Read more.


Member Only Coffee 

Friday Jan 4th


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BWB Lunch & Learn 

Jan 7th


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BWB Storytelling Tuesday 

Tuesday Jan 8th


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BWB Coffee Collaborations 

Jan 17th


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Conversation Wednesday 

Jan 23rd


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Living Into Your Aliveness

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Touch for Health, What is it?

With all the questions about what I do and what I offer in the Touch for Health realm of my practice, I figured I would share what the  Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology says

” Touch for Health™
Touch for Health™ is a system of balancing posture, attitude, and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life!

In a Touch for Health™ session, muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. The concept of “muscle testing” becomes a very effective and versatile tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the body which may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, and injuries. MORE



Healthy tips for a healthy cleanse

If you’re thinking about doing a cleanse soon, you picked a great way to start building toward a healthier lifestyle. Cleanse regimens like our 7-Day Healthy Cleanse can have you feeling your best during the holidays. But we also know cleanses can be a little intimidating! So here are a few tips to help you stick to your cleanse.

Make the commitment to cleanse!
We all know cleansing isn’t easy, which is why accountability is important. Make a commitment to yourself to complete the cleanse, and if that isn’t enough, get a group together to cleanse with you so you can motivate each other. Join the Facebook group dedicated to Healthy Cleanse. MORE




Happy New Year my friends!  With the holidays coming to a close, many of us find ourselves in a space of reflection.  Looking back on the year both globally and internally.  If we can enter this reflection from the present moment and in complete heart-space, we can honor and notice our own growth and the areas we have been stuck.  Are you ready to fully step into who you really are as you transition into a New Year, a New You?
Reflection Questions
What am I grateful for that unfolded in 2018?  Take some time in quiet space to identify those moments, experiences, and relationships that brought you joy, peace, love, or bliss.  As you recall each memory in your mind’s eye, be fully present with it and feel those high vibrating emotions that you initially experienced.  As we feel and express gratitude we attract even more to be grateful for as our journeys continue to unfold.  If this has been a year of struggle, we can still find moments to be ‘Grateful‘ for or perhaps it is the struggle itself where our gratitude lies.  It is in our grandest moments of adversity where we experience the most growth and expansion. MORE 


BWB Assessment

How BALANCED are You? About the BWB Assessment This assessment is an on-line well-being assessment tool that measures your individual well-being through a series of questions that were selected from extensive scientific research. The assessment was developed in COLLABORATION with the University of British Columbia. Body Pillar Body pillar is a fundamental indicator of life quality. Positive short-term and long-term health …

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BWB YouTube Channel


BWB YouTube Channel

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