What does ESP stand for? by Rochelle McFarlane

I get this question a lot… Yes, it can mean Extra Sensory Perception and honestly it’s helping the right people find me.  Not everyone believes in Extra Sensory Perception and that is okay, cause I am not for everyone either. 

I have come to realize that my soul’s purpose isn’t about convincing or converting others.  We are innately wired to learn based on our passions and interests, so it’s only naturally there are many choices to choose from

I firmly believe that we are meant to be individuals and that the spice of life is “ variety “

There’s so many views about what our truth can be and rightly so, there’s so many ideas and possibilities, this is such a gift to humanity

So back on track to what ESP stands…

When I was looking to create my business branding, I wanted my business name to stand for more than just parenting support.  I wanted it to speak to the fact we are whole beings, we are emotional charged beings that are both spiritual and physical.  In my opinion there’s no separating us, we are all a mix of that beautiful triad of health.

Being an Energetic Medicine Woman I am looking to see where the stresses are trapped by resistance when working with a client and it can show up anywhere within the body, the mind and the spirit  …. It’s often a combination of layers that have built up over time.

So when I am asked about what ESP stands for here’s a growing list of what it means to me

E: Electrical, Emotional, Energetic, Energy, Environment, Engage , Enhance,

S :  Structural, Social, Synergy, Spirit, Soul, Sacred, Silence, Senses, Sensitivities, Study, Skills, Sound

P : Play, Personal, Physical, Positive, Purpose, Posture

Did I miss one, go ahead and share one with me ?  or let me know which one resonates with you the most in comments

It’s always interesting to me to learn what matters most to others and what feels like it fits the best when it comes to what ESP could stand for others.

Make it a Great and may this have inspired more Whole Being Wellness Vibes for  YOU


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