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Laurie Bartley - STT Guide & Host

Laurie Bartley, TTRP, Body Wisdom Specialist, offering Raindrop Technique & the Zen System, Author, Speaker, STT Guide & Host

Whether pain has stopped you in your tracks, or you find yourself wondering “How on earth did I get here?” I offer a variety of Living Medicine practices to heal, release, restore, and revive you
Your body is speaking to you. By helping you identify your body’s intrinsic needs, I help you shift to wellness – Mind, Spirit, Body.

Website – Life Style Architect

Dirk Terpstra - Workplace Well-Being & Media

Intuitive Speaker, Inspirator & Coach | HeartMath® Certified Trainer - Dirk helps people connect to the essence of who they really are. 
Dirk made the transition from being a corporate executive to a catalyst of change to help raise the global level of consciousness. He trains and inspires people as a certified HeartMath trainer, Intuitive Speaker & Coach. Dirk is also the founder of – he interviews and shares inspiring stories & knowledge from scientists, authors and spiritual teachers.

Website - Dirk Terpstra

Lorraine Richmond - Workplace Well-Being


Lorraine Richmond, Leadership Coach, Leadership Interrupter, Leadership Speaker, ICF-certified, Values Blueprint Coach, Espresso-Drinker

Leadership Coaching will call you to a big life and a bigger game. It will use everything you’ve got and ask for more. It will take your restless vision and demand that your next step involve action that is gutsy, worthy and relevant.

Website – Lorraine Richmond  

Maggie Reigh - STT Creative


Maggie Reigh, Dedicated professional helping people realize and explore their true potential, STT Creative Leader

I am an inspirational keynote speaker, hypnotherapist, life coach and author

My goal has always been to help individuals in overcoming personal difficulties and to aid each person in reaching their goals. Even when I’m doing a group presentation or keynote address the goal is to have positive life changing impact on everyone involved.

Website – Health Core Connections  

Aly Pain - Workplace Well-Being


Aly Pain, Master Coach, Professional Speaker, Founder #Exponentially You Programs – Unprecedented Clarity & the Confidence to Act!

Aly Pain is fiercely passionate about the unique and unlimited potential in every person. She uses her gifts to help you cut through crap and chaos to find it, own it and act on it. She brings her bold, authentic and skilled coaching to developing and delivering her Exponentially You Programs , keynotes and workshops that move you forward, faster, both personally and professionally.

Website – Aly Pain  

Sheila Benson - STT Creative


Sheila Benson, Nutrition Consultant/ Wellness Practitioner
Pure Heart Wellness: Integrative Wellness Solutions provides integrative wellness programs and strategies to optimize your unique health goals in person or long distance. Focus is on your overall well-being encompassing the mind, body and spirit. Healing with real food, ideal body composition and optimization of a supecharged metabolism are emphasized. Personalized wellness consultations with your unique health goals can provide a blueprint for a healthy present!

Website – Pure Heart Wellness  

Shawna McCrea - BWB CEO


A Connector
A Collaborator 
A Coach 
A Cheerleader 
A Community Builder

TWO Businesses:
Website – Balance Well-Being  
Website - Balance Financial