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If you don’t have your health, what do you have? Many of us have heard this question, but how often do we stop to consider what it really means? 

For Mona Niebergall, the owner of Stepping Stones Homeopathy, health equals abundance, a harmony of being and vitality that lets us live life to the fullest. For Mona, the power and possibility we often associate with physical well-being flows through all spheres of our lives: emotional, mental, and spiritual; she treats the person as a whole (and she treats animals as well). Her focus and ultimate purpose for her clients is that they attain freedom from all limitations in life — from allergies to anxieties — and her services reflect this broad perspective.

Mona has practiced homeopathy for over 10 years, having studied at Luminous Homeopathic College in Vancouver and the Devonshire School of England. Offering intuitive guidance and a vast array of vibrational modalities, she can help you shift your mind-body connection into an inner alignment that extends outward as well. Mona’s motto is, “Be kind to each other because we are all connected on some level.” Not surprisingly, she has a love for nature, gardening, travel, music, and biographies. She is fascinated by life and others’ lives. 

So, I was curious to learn more about hers!  

You’ve been interested in helping people since you were a child, and homeopathy for many years. Some called you “Counsellor Caissie” when you were young. What drove you? 

I think that some people are born to serve and that they just love helping other people. I remember in grade school, if people weren’t being included in the group activities, I wouldn’t join in until they included everyone. I stood up for people and I still do that to this day in a healing and teaching capacity. I like to serve in a supportive way, and that has followed me in my life.    

We certainly share of love for people’s stories. I find them utterly fascinating. How do they inform your work?

I find that people’s stories inform how and why they are dealing with disease and illness. Every illness tells a story with a mental/emotional picture of that person. Their story is represented through their body’s expression of the illness, in their words and in the symptoms that they have. It tells me where they hold their problems and how I can address this and ultimately help them with remedies to peel back the layers of the stress. People get sick when they are under a stress of some kind, even when they are not consciously aware of it. 

How often are you surprised to discover more about a client through the course of treatment?

My clients sometimes do surprise me with what their bodies bring up through the healing process. Illnesses they thought were gone show up again with symptoms from long ago, asking to be healed in a whole way. I myself have had very old things from over forty years ago show up to be healed: old ear infections and surgeries, antibiotics taken as a child. It’s amazing when you go through this process what shows up again.  It takes time but the healing is a done fully and completely. Like an onion being peeled back to its core, our bodies want to be whole again. The body knows how to heal and we just need to support the process. It’s an honour to be a part of this for people and support them.

I love that you work with animals; we are definitely connected to them. What sort of therapies do you provide?  

Animals are treated in the same way that I treat people. The expression of their illness or disease is looked at from a whole perspective. What happened before they got injured or sick? How did they deal with it? And what is their mental state? The owners can see a change in them or how they interact when they are ill or injured. It is no different from humans. Sometimes, you just have to be attuned to the animal’s frequency to pick up on the subtleties a little more than with a human.   

“Like cures like,” a line on your website, strikes me as homeopathy in three words, and it brings to mind balance and well-being. What do these words mean to you? 

Well-being and balance to mean you’re mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually aligned. You are free to make choices with no limitations of fear or worry about anything. Freedom from limitations is the ultimate of health. You do not have limits from your physical body and you can achieve your goals. We are not just an arm or an organ or a disease; we are whole and you can’t separate those parts of us to heal. Our bodies heal when our “stress” is released, no matter how long ago it started. Our immune systems know how to heal but many people have obstacles because of the past stressors that need to be addressed. This is where homeopathy shines, because it addresses all of this at the same time with vibrational remedies that are closely matched with your physical and mental symptoms.    

Let’s return to another of your loves that we share: music, perhaps the ultimate vibrational medicine. You were a DJ for many years. Tell me about that experience, what you learned about music’s benefits, and how music relates to your work now.   

Though the benefits of music are widely known, it can also be thought of in the same vein as meditation and journaling. When you listen to music it elicits feelings of good times and allows us to visit a happy place that is part of our feel-good brain waves. It’s such a great tool to keep oneself centred and happy in everyday life, not to mention the extra health benefits if you dance to the music! And of course you experience the joy in groups and at events. 

My husband and I spent nine years doing weddings, anniversaries, New Year’s and Christmas parties, and other events along the way. Teen dances with a moshing pit — OMG, never again. Most events were very magical in their flow. I was the one who “read “ the crowd. I would use my intuitive sense to know the right song to play at the correct time. We got standing ovations and revelled in the glow of the energy of the melodies and the sound vibrations.  

We only had one time at a wedding where we could barely get anyone to dance the whole night. It was very memorable for me because I felt like we had failed and hadn’t done our job to make their night memorable, especially as it was a wedding. But at the end of the night several people clapped and came up and thanked us for the great tunes. We were stunned. They told us they weren’t dancers but had loved the music and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This showed us that not everyone enjoys themselves in the same way, as the vibrations of the music gave them exactly what they needed. They sang the songs and talked and laughed. Making people’s lives better in any way is a huge accomplishment. Bringing joy to people is a great gift and not to be taken lightly. Today I work with vibrational medicine, so in a very synchronistic way I have just brought my gifts to my clients on another vibrational level. Good vibrations all the way around!

We’re in challenging times, as we all know. What is your advice for navigating our overall well-being right now? 

I think people need to really be selfish in caring for themselves. It’s important to have a protocol in place so that you have tools like music, meditation, journaling, exercising, talking to a friend, or watching a funny show that you love. Anything that brings you daily joy should be used. If you feel good then the people around you will feel your joy, and it can spread quite easily with just a nice smile and a hello. We are all connected, so the more you take care of yourself, the better off those around you will be. It sends a ripple effect to everyone when you feel good. People can see it and feel it. In the words of Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Share something about yourself most wouldn’t know — a fun fact, interesting perspective, or engaging story. 

I love to sing harmony and in my next life I’m coming back to be an entertainer. I want to feel the energy of the crowd singing along with me. I want to know what that would feel like the next time around. That’s the only way I’m coming back, lol.  


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