Self Regulate while you Educate is a Game Changer! By Crystal Jensen

Do you remember a time when you were younger and you just wanted to be heard? But instead,  you were told to go to your room with the door closed….

The harder you cried, the harder you kicked the walls in anger and frustration, no one came. You continued to cry until you felt so tired you fell asleep forgetting why you were crying to start with. Over the years, many have started to ask if there are different approaches to teaching children. This has brought up many good questions about parents or caregivers own upbringing such as;

What if your parent or caregiver struggled to acknowledge their own feelings?

What if they didn’t know how to help you?

What if hearing you cry was bringing up stuff from their own past?

What if they didn’t know how to acknowledge these feelings you had, so you were silenced?

Our unique stories, generations upon generations of trauma, subconscious programming, and

experiences have shaped us to who we are today. The key to life is to understand who we are are while also striving to improve ourselves. This will create a foundation within to be able to be the best possible parent or educator.

It starts with expanding our awareness, understanding that our children are a reflection of ourselves, soaking up all experiences around them.  If you are a teacher, caregiver or parent, modelling the behaviour you wish to see is the most important aspect of teaching.  We have the ability to re-write our own story through teaching our future generations in a mindful balanced approach.

As we observe the children we care for, we strive to support their emotions.

We question ourselves, how do we handle our own emotions?

If we are frustrated, frazzled, angry, excited or happy how are we moving through this?

What do we notice happening inside our bodies?

Do we notice physical changes when we are being triggered in our educating/parenting?

When we start to feel those “emotions/triggers” , what do we do?

How are we expressing to those around us in a safe manner?

These questions are very important because when we can learn more about ourselves, we start to form a deeper connection within. Those deeper connections make it easier for us to understand and support those around us. When we provide mindful activities and self regulation techniques into children’s lives it is proven to reduce anxiety and depression through sustainable self regulation and self worth.  As we teach these techniques, we are not only helping children but also healing our own generational gaps.

Through my program at Mindful Expressions Inc, I guide children, parents and educators through learning to connect with their mind-body promoting a positive foundation for the future. By focusing on learning through play, teaching mindfulness, meditation, self regulation and self love activation; I provide a cohesive and supportive space to foster growth in all areas of a families life, starting with the children.

Want to join the movement? Ask me about my integrative curriculum focused on supporting families, daycares, and preschool facilities.

If you would prefer to work with me directly in one of the programs I offer, please connect with me here: / for a free consultation.

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