Reflecting on THE Well-Being SHOW

BWB held it’s FIRST SHOW on April 12-14, 2019.
Much care and attention went into orchestrating a well Balanced list of exhibitors and presenters representing the four pillars of Well-Being.


Fitness, Purpose, Counselling, Yoga, Financial Health, Neuroscience, Sustainability, Community Support, Allergies, Sound Therapy, Legal Health, Change, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Water, Meditation, Mental Health, Personal Development, Performance

Anticipation and nerves led up to THE SHOW.
It exceeded expectations:

BWB Welcomed hundreds of people to the first semi-annual Well-Being SHOW!!!

The combination of exhibitors | speakers | sponsors was a fantastic representation of the Well-Being options in our community. It was wonderful to see the new connections and relationships that were created.  



It’s Mission is to connect the public to LOCAL Well-Being Practitioners.

We got Amazing Feedback from the participants:

“The caliber of the presentations were first class”
“If the BWB community didn’t exist I wouldn’t stay in Kelowna”
“I came for just half an hour, that was 3 hours ago”
“I had to come back for another day, too many excellent speakers”
“I had never tried yoga before, I loved it”
“The food trucks were a great addition to the SHOW”
“I really connected with a lot of good people who truly want to help make a difference in the lives of those struggling to find their own path”

* Were introduced to various WELL-BEING options available in the Okanagan
* Took the opportunity to meet & learn about various LOCAL WELL-BEING practitioners!
* Took the opportunity to hear WELL- BEING practitioners speak & share their wisdom!
* Came away with new knowledge, feeling inspired and pride for our community!

You can find pictures of the event on the BWB website:

And on the BWB Facebook Page:

Want to connect with those AMAZING
Exhibitors | Presenters | Sponsors
you met at THE Spring Well-Being SHOW?
You can find them ALL here!!!

THE Fall Well-Being SHOW coming Oct 4-6
Body | Financial | Mind | Social

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