OUR PHILOSOPHY by Crystal Jensen


  • Children learn better when they are in a relaxed state, calm and regulated.
  • Practicing mindfulness helps children better manage stress and anxiety,
    and creates tools for them to carry with them as they grow moving into a lifestyle.
  • This promotes an environment where children can fully understand how to process their emotions in a healthy way,
    reducing the impact of stress and anxiety often resulting in mental health difficulties.


  • Children achieve greater academic, social and emotional success by learning through play.
  • During play children learn about themselves and their surroundings around them.
  • Play allows children to explore and test their own limits at the same time as build confidence, social and cognitive skills.
  • We incorporate play throughout our entire day, and we have fun!


  • We offer curious play spaces to encourage self-directed play and promote creative exploration.
  • We incorporate a concept, bring natural objects to encourage real-life experiences to foster their creative mind.
  • We emergent plan and build off the child’s curiosity, and expand off their emerging interests to enhance their learning possibilities,
    this is where creative expansion and magic happens.


  • With a focus on nature based learning, this creates a calming approach to learning and helps to regulate the child’s creative mind.
  • We believe that outside time, and stepping into nature is the best medicine for young minds.
  • We immerse into nature, ensure there is outside learning each day rain or shine.
  • We bring earth elements into their play space to encourage the child uses their five senses to engage with the world around them.
  • The children take part in a seasonal garden seed to harvest, and they really learn the life cycle of our food source.


  • We work with the children on their social and emotional needs to prepare them to find their voice
    and have the ability to communicate their true feelings.
  • Children who have the social and emotional skills prior to entering kindergarten are better prepared to learn the academics.
  • Teaching the children how to problem solve, communicate to each other using “I statements”,
    and allowing them to express their feelings and emotions is key to​ their development.



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