Membership Tutorials

BWB Registration

1. User is asked to register or login. If they have a username they enter it and the password and click login

2. If they don't have a username, they click register
3. The registration page for WordPress comes up, asking for Username & email. User fills out details and clicks Register


4. The BWB site sends the user an email asking them to reset their password.
5. User waits for email to arrive and clicks link


6. Link opens browser to page to set password, user changes password, clicks submit


7. Once User signs in must then manually return to the JOIN NOW button
- Click on top left hand corner of page - BALANCE WELL-BEING CENTRE INC. to get to website

Click on Green Button Member Details

Click Blue Button - Join Now

8. User is now able to submit their listing details


The WP registration process is cumbersome and it's something the link developer is adding into the submit listing workflow to improve the experience, but it's not yet available.

If you have any questions please contact our Relationship Coordinator
[email protected]

Updating Membership Information

  1. Login  



2. Go to BWB Website 

screenshot-2016-11-09-10-54-42 screenshot-2016-11-09-10-54-56

3. Find your Listing in the Directory - you can update and change by clicking on edit


Adding an Event

  1. Login  



  2. Go to the BWB Website
  3. Click +New at top of the page


  4. Fill out details of your event 


  5. Submit for Review - Event will be posted within 2 Business Days