How’s Your Health Doing? by Judy Holt

Often we are too busy to consider how our health is ranking or how we can make a simple change to improve our energy, immunity and general vitality.  It begins with taking a look at your daily habitual choices and discovering areas you can make improvements.

It’s not about guilting yourself for making bad choices, but it’s about being open to new options…

A daily self-care practice that’s actually a part of your “to do” list on your calendar is a great way to stay committed and set yourself up for success!

Some easy places to begin:

Are you eating a good protein packed breakfast? If not, try incorporating a quick energizing protein smoothie packed with veggies, fruit & a good quality protein powder. 

How are often are you eating throughout the day? Focus on eating something with protein every 3 hours so your blood sugar stays regulated which can help reduce cravings for caffeine, sugar or white flour/gluten laden foods that are high in calorie.

How many glasses of clean filtered water do you drink each day? Aim for 8 glasses – add a slice of lemon, lime or mint leaves to spark it up.

Do you eat 8-10 servings of Fruits & Vegetables each day? Try adding to a smoothie to increase amount you’re eating each day.

Fill in the diet gaps with a Probiotic, Multi-vitamin, B-Complex, Omega 3 Fatty Acid and Vitamin D. 

How much exercise do you get each day? Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of movement you enjoy..preferably incorporating nature time. Nature is a great stress reliever!

Are you taking time for you each day? Being quiet & mindful with a meditation, journalling or a good book can make a huge impact on your ‘mental wellness’

Connection time with family & friends daily (if not in person on a video chat)

Would you like to know how you score with your health? Grab a Personalized Health Assessment here..Simply answer a few short questions and your results will be emailed to you based on your personal health goals

  Would you like to “reset your health” for a Healthy Spring & Summer? Consider a cleanse to detoxify the body before beginning a new nutritional program. If you feel sluggish or want to kick start your metabolism for some summer inch loss…it’s a great place to begin. 

   Judy Holt, Wellness Influencer


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