Hey, what happened to that list of dreams?

Have you put your dreams on hold and stopped dreaming completely?  Do you even have a list dreams … aka – bucket list?  If you need to bring those dreams back to life – there is an easy TWO step process to realizing ALL your dreams, even the biggest dream you have hidden inside you and are afraid to say it out loud!

  1. Journaling
  2. Affirmations

Write in your journal EVERY single day.

The first page of your journal is where you will create your dream list.  Don’t hold back as every single dream must be written down. Dream BIG and then dream even BIGGER (don’t hold back). Itemize the list in no particular order. Once your dream list is written out you will get more specific clearly outlining each dream in detail.

When you write ‘I’ in front of your dream it now becomes your affirmation – clever right?

I live at the ocean (Which ocean? For how long? All year long? With who? Do you want to work there too?)

I travel first class all over the world (What countries? Learn a language or how to cook? Hiking? Meditation?)

I am an actor and a movie star (Action or comedy? Drama or a musical? Do Voice overs for audio book?)

I drive a race car (Which type of car? What colour? Where? Nascar or Grand Prix?)

I live on a sailboat and cruise for a year (What size boat? With who? For a year? What ocean?)

I am a marathon runner and place in the top 10 (When? Where? Length of race?)

Don’t ever worry about ‘HOW’ your dreams will actualize.  The How is the reason you are stuck now with excuses of why your dreams are unattainable.  Excuses like:  I don’t have enough money. I have young kids. I can’t quit my job. I don’t even own a home yet. I hate working out. I am too busy. I don’t have the time!

Your journal is also a place for you to write out all your complaints, past hurts, and JOYS – especially starting OR ending each page with your reasons to be grateful.

Other DAILY Affirmations

After you write out your dream list with affirmations, which can be added to and revised all along the way – you will create your personal affirmations – AND – you will say them ‘out loud’ every day.   Even if you must do this in the bathroom – find a space that is just yours.

Your affirmations – when said daily – are critical for setting the roadmap for your dreams and also for inviting change into your life.  These two simple steps will set up your intentions which then opens up a crack in the universe which you will feel and experience success rather quickly.

Affirmations are sometimes exact opposites of what you feel – Here are a few examples:

“I deserve greatness” (I am too broken, or I am too lonely)

“I believe in ME and all possibilities” (I will never have what those people have)

“My career allows me the freedom I want to travel when I want” (I hate my job)

“I earn an exceptional income that easily supports my family” (My credit cards are maxed)

“I love my body and enjoying working out every day knowing” (I have time for fitness)

“My health is a priority” (I am too fat and eat crappy foods)

“I confidently talk about my dreams and know they are possible” (Dreaming doesn’t work!)

“I am enough” (I am stretched too far and never have time for me)

Let me share a bit about myself …  especially how journaling and affirmations changed my life.

I am a mother of three amazing grown-ups, a local realtor, and a newly published author of a book called, “wait a year.”  It is funny story – with a dark side -a dash of crazy – heartache & hurricanes, expat life –- all spell disaster!

After my husband of 13 years left us, I moved to Mexico with my three young kids.  It was not an easy time arriving to the small fishing village – of Cabo San Lucas – In the summer of 1993 – it was unbearably Humid and HOT with burning temperatures – without telephones, or T’V’s, and not knowing a word of Spanish.   Every day was worse than the day before – being ripped off, fighting cockroaches & scorpions, school dungeons, hurricanes, a burning car and the new singles sex scene.

After a few months of daily disasters *One being – my 4-year-old almost drowned in a pool and was also stung by a jelly fish – all on DAY 1 of the adventure.  *Another being – our really old new car that I had just overpaid for, without A/C or a speedometer – started on fire in the middle of the desert – stranded us along the highway in a rainstorm (which put the fire out).  *Another – after a devastating tropical storm – 24 inches of pounding rain in 24 hours – destroyed the town – we were almost electrocuted!   I started losing my hair – from the stress of it all.  That night – I was sitting alone at a small restaurant – sobbing out of control – at the end of my rope.

An angel named Annee saw me and she sat down, grabbed my hand and – in the sweetest voice – said ‘what’s wrong honey?’ The whole messy story came tumbling out and she listened to every word – between the tears – and said kindly, ‘it will all be okay.’  Over and Over.   I believed her.

I soon discovered I was much tougher than I thought – finding an inner strength. True Grit – shows up when you are your lowest.

I had a case of the ‘fuck it’s’ – also known as surrendering – and then, I started working on myself – the 12 steps of codependence recovery – journaling Affirmations for change – and learning to forgive and set boundaries – finding my voice – THEN – my life started to shift for the better.

I was inspired to write the book ‘wait a year’ to share that no matter how low you go – there is always a way up.   I am now dedicated to bringing people together – with a shared vision for ‘how to live BIG and BE free of all that stops you.’   I want to pay it forward.

I have journaled for over 27 years and detailed my darkest days and the biggest joys.  My lifelong dream to live at the ocean – on a beach – and experience paradise – literally SAVED my life!

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