Confession Time – Thoughts from the Heart By Rochelle McFarlane

I’m letting go of the shame
Stopping the blame
To create a loving game
One that lifts me
One that shifts me
And sets me free to be
All that is LOVE
Read the full post below, let’s pour some tea & connect as you can
What resonates with you?
Can you relate?
Have you ever felt like your parenting practices didn’t fit anymore ?
How is your connection currently with your children ?

It’s confession time, I used to be an authoritarian parent – each time I share this I heal another layer of myself and claim pieces of myself back

I’m embarrassed and want to hide from my “old truths” but that would serve no one, including myself nor other parents that could be suffering from this pain too.

So if you’re a parent, and find yourself reading this… tune into your heart wisdom and see what comes up for you
My heart now says :
Let the messes happen and the toys be apart of the daily routines, slow them down for teaching moments and most importantly have fun in the process

My “old self” used to say:
That I had to rush and go at speed I could barely keep up to…. it’s what I knew, that what I thought “good“ parenting looked like

Parenting is the most important job ever, it’s about raising the next generation of our species, it’s no small job and more than ever we need more support that fits our family’s needs.

We have the power to change our practices, our beliefs, our thoughts and how we show up while our children grow up
Now you might not be like me at all when it comes to my current or past parenting style but maybe you’re looking for support so that you have the deepest most loving relationship with your child and that calling on your heart is getting louder every day
We are innately wired to play right from birth, it’s how we diffuse frustrations to create joy and wonder naturally
May this have inspired you, comment below and let me know … we are in this together so let’s rise up and shift humanity

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