CMHA Sessions

Since May 9th, 2018 BWB Business Members have been going to the Canadian Mental Health Association – Wellness Development Centre to share their AWESOMENESS!!!

Here is some of the feedback we have received from CMHA:

“Hello Shawna,
We loved having Lynda today, she was absolutely amazing!”
-Sept 19, 2018

“Our participants have absolutely loved all the speakers that have come in so far, so thank you for everything you have done!”
-June 14, 2018

“Hi, Shawna,
Just wanted you to know that Karen Bowen was here last week and the group really appreciated her and hope she’ll be back!  Thank you so much for connecting us to the amazing people from Balance Well-Being!“
-May 16, 2018

Hello Shawna,
Annette was amazing! Thank you for letting her come here and share her information with everyone. She did not get to finish her presentation, so we were wondering if in the future she would be willing to come back. 🙂
-Nov 22, 2018

Maggie was fantastic! our participants really enjoyed her session.
-Dec 10, 2018

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