Feb 26th

ESP Parent
Moms Reset Your Physical BodyCome learn 8 Secret Body Reset Buttons that help release physical stress so that you can feel your best and show up for your children. Participants will have the opportunity to explore these buttons on their own body and receive support during this interactive play shop.
These Buttons are backed by Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and pure science of how the body is innately able to heal naturally.
This event is for those that are looking for ways to self care a little more on a daily basis, to improve posture awareness, to feel more balanced when walking and want to increase over all physical mobility.
Rochelle McFarlane has spent the last 20 years formulating and teaching effective daily self care routines that support emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. She loves to hold space for parents, especially moms to gain tools to not only serve them but also their children so the whole family can live with less stress and more love. She is a certified Touch for Health Instructor, Bio-Energetic Practitioner and Author. She lives in Peachland, BC with her husband of 17 years and their 4 children.
Mar 18th

Eureka Solutions
3 Simple Tips for Living Your Happiest LifeDo you feel broke, tired, chronically a bit depressed and generally disappointed with life? Do you wish that you felt happier but aren’t quite sure what you need to do differently to get there? Good news! You aren’t alone and with 3 proven and simple tips you can transform your reality! Join Barri Harris of Eureka Solutions and make 2020 the year you start living your most amazing life.
Apr 15th

InnerSpace Awareness
Metatron’s Code – Demystifying Belief Systems Understand how to use the pattern of Metatron's code to transmute beliefs in all six bodies and replace with something illuminating that can totally refresh your health situation!
Releasing past trauma from past events with compassion and full non-disclosure.
We will work through the process together so you know how to use for yourself!
Learn to listen to your body and respond appropriately.
June 24th

The Power You Are
From Suffering to Serenity - Unveiling the Secrets to Emo?onal ResilienceWhen hard times hit, how good are you at dealing with them? A death in the family, a divorce, a job loss, a traumatic event... many of these challenging events happen to all of us at some point in our lives. It’s inevitable. The question is, how prepared are you to heal from these events?
‘Resilience’ is a word that represents our ability to heal and grow through adversity and difficult times. Resilience is also a set of skills that you can develop and strengthen so that when hard times hit, you are able to recover effectively and come back better than ever.
In this workshop presentation, you’ll learn some of the secrets to strengthening your resilience and developing the skills to heal and grow through the inevitable hard times in your life. Join us and grow your most essential skill in an ever-changing world - Resilience!
Sept 16th

Stepping Stones Homeopathy
Sept 30th

Bonita Summers – Psychic Life & Business Coach
Healing from the Inside Out: Using Intution and Mindfulness to Resolve Energy ImbalancesLack of energy affects every area of our lives. It can cause us to engage less with the people we love, lose motvation in our work, overindulge in the wrong foods, and adopt other coping behaviours that harm our health.
Fatigue, body tension or pain, and lack of motivation are just some of the signs that can indicate an imbalance of energy in our bodies. During this talk, you will discover how to detect where you’re losing energy, and learn techniques for resolving any blockages or draining situations that are affecting your emotional, mental and physical well-being.
Oct 21st

JH Health Coaching
Tired of Feeling Tired? Detoxify your Body for a Healthy WinterAre you tired of feeling sluggish? Do you struggle with sticking with a healthy lifestyle plan? If you're looking to kick start your Fall/Winter with a healthier body, mind and increase your energy, then this could be the best start for you... Learn more about:
*A Safe, Proven & Healthy Cleanse to Detoxify your Mind & Body
*How to do a Diet Reset for Healthy Digestion
*Metabolism ... how it works for a sustainable healthy weight plan
*30 Wellness Plan
*Tips & Tools for a healthier you ….Feel your Best because you Deserve To!
Nov 18th