Spending the last 8 years of my life deep diving into restoring my own body, mind and spirit into balance, I have witnessed the huge benefit not just for myself, but the benefit it has had for my kids and family. While offering them bits and pieces of my practice in order to help them manage their own stresses, I began to realize that there was a need to be filled in offering them their own practice in a simple and easy way.

As a mom of 4 + 2 kids, I know firsthand, how important it is to equip our kids and families with these time honoured wisdoms and techniques, in conjunction with science based research.

Kids and families face epic levels of stress in their lives and we know via statistics, that if kids don’t learn the skills to manage stress now,
they will carry ineffective coping mechanisms with them into adulthood.
Many kids are challenged by disrupted sleep, tummy troubles, anxiety, lack of focus, fear of the unknown and more.
And because we love our kids, we want to see them flourish into adulthood with the skills to manage and thrive through life’s stresses!

Our growth and evolution happen through life’s stresses and struggles, however, without the skills to manage those times, life can feel heavy and like it’s spiraling downward. We can equip our kids with tools to use so that as they grow and flourish into adulthood,they don’t get dragged into the spiral of stress and it’s overwhelming weight. They can learn the tools in this programme, so that when life events happen, they are more resilient to its effects and restore themselves back to balance more quickly and easily.
e as adults, can learn alongside our children to create more opportunity for bonding with them, create a common vocabulary to share when it comes to the experiences they are having and honouring those emotions and experiences.

By giving them the mindfulness tools and relaxation practices and making it easy for them to use, we support balanced physical and mental development. Tummy troubles can be eased, focused attention becomes evident, sleeping patterns restore, anxiety lessens, self-confidence grows and much more! The added bonus is that if you are practicing with your child, the benefits are available to you too. Even simply being present with your child during the practice, can strengthen your connection with them.

I am elated to have created this programme for kids 9-12 and their families to use together and CALM KIDS, RESILIENT FAMILIES is super easy for you AND your kids to use!

Parents and Guardians, you will have some parent-centered info and science to help you more deeply understand how the mindfulness and relaxation works.

Then parents, guardians and kids will get some short instructional videos and visuals on ‘how-to‘s’.

Each module will contain a new audio recording that will lead your kids (and you, if you want to join in) in a restful practice.

There will be additional bonus ‘mindful moment’ mini practices, designed to create ‘quick grab’ tools to master your in-the-moment emotions and reactions. They can include breath practices, visualizations and movement.

And because families can have full schedules, this program is self-paced, so you can pop on your recording, watch a video at your convenience and you can do it as often as you wish in the 6 months of access you will have when you join the programme.

I am passionate about putting the tools of restoration and balance into the hearts and hands of all people, especially our kids, so that they may evolve and flourish with poise and confidence.


“I cannot express my appreciation for the time and effort and genuine knowledge you provided. I send all my respect and appreciation to this beautiful program.” J.N.

I have called what I do, ‘The Medicine of Stillness’ because it is in the state of stillness, that our innate wisdom and healing can be remembered.
I am a Certified Stress Management Consultant, Personal Growth Architect and spiritual practitioner who uses the Alchemy Crystal Bowls as my primary tool of translation. As I have developed signature techniques with the bowls since 2015, I have included research into their healing properties and the science of frequency into my studies. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with extensive training in Advanced Yoga Nidra and Meditation, including being trained and certified to teach kids ages 5+.
I am a Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as Shamanic Coach initiate.
My practice and studies focus on the powerful and yet subtle healing arts, as well as the scientific research of why they work.
I am the mother of four fabulous humans, bonus mom to two more and lovingly partner with my husband Cameron, who joins me as a Personal Growth Architect and a Medicine of Stillness Facilitator.


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