BWB Business Member JOHN GLENNON a Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan


Selling happens by design, not by chance, and embracing this truth is essential in achieving desired success in business. Helping you to do that is John Glennon’s business. With ten years of experience as the president of Sandler Training, BC Interior, and as many years in a variety of sales and marketing roles, John knows not only the vital importance of reliable revenue to an organization but also how entrepreneurs can increase, master, and maintain their sales volumes.

There’s a system to it, which is what Sandler Training has perfected since it began in 1967. Now a global network with more than 250 offices, Sandler has distinguished itself as a leader in sales management, customer service, and leadership training through a simple but powerful approach: clear methods, experienced trainers, and continual support.

For John and Sandler, however, all the classes in the world won’t matter if improvement isn’t immediate, measurable, and sustainable. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large outfit, your future should not be gamble. Sandler gets results. They are also a partner in supporting Balance Well-being, so we are thrilled John shared his sales insights with us.

Thank you, John, for chatting today. Selling is crucial to the well-being of any business, and yet many of us have trouble getting a handle on it. And we often talk about the importance of network relationships, but there’s more. What are many missing?

You’re very welcome, Tom. It’s my pleasure. There are a few reasons why many struggle with sales and sales management. Firstly, there is a gap in our education. We prepare for our chosen professions, learning all the necessary aspects to perform at our best, and yet the one thing we overlook is how to properly sell. There’s no formal education for this, which astounds me, as it’s absolutely critical for success.

Well-meaning people will have dreams and aspirations, and even develop marketing plans. That gets them to hello. Sales is about everything that happens after that. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t want a relationship. But the difference with an effective sales professional is that they know what should happen next. Most do not. They lack a system and process to follow.

Also, people are often in denial about the fact that they need help at all. Even when they’re not achieving the revenues they need, many don’t realize that selling, like all facets of life, requires correct and repeatable skills. Some will talk about quotes and coffee visits, for example. Unfortunately, the bank doesn’t care about quotes. People need to be honest with themselves when they’re not getting the sales results they need to be viable, and then look at what’s not working. That’s where we at Sandler come in. We have a proven system that can be customized to the needs of your organization, guiding you from a place of not doing the right things to turning them into habits that deliver.

That is great news! Why is the Sandler approach more effective than other methods?

First of all, our approach is clear and simple, not convoluted and over-engineered, as some are. People have to understand it before they can do it. Yet there is science behind our techniques, like muscle memory; it can be developed.

Secondly, we understand that adults learn through repetition and reinforcement. Most other approaches treat sales training as a one-off or add-on. The problem with that is very little of the material is either learned or implemented. We continually follow up with you to track and measure your progress, like providing a gymnasium for the mind. We believe in ongoing reinforcement.

Thirdly, our team knows what works. Many sales consultation services lack the wealth of real-life know-how our trainers bring to the room. Sandler is rich with experienced sales managers who get the Sandler approach and can easily teach it to others. They also understand the absolute necessity of ongoing sales in building and maintaining a healthy, successful company.

Balance Well-being is all about building connections and community, to help everyone reach greater success together. We see Sandler’s partnering with us as a perfect example of values alignment in action. What drew you to BWB?

For us it’s about giving back. We’ve been serving the BC Interior for 10 years now, with great success. When Shawna approached me, I liked the spirit of what she and Balance Well-being envisioned for business in the region. When you see someone trying to do good and make the community a better place to live and work, and you can be a part of it, then why not?

For me, the most powerful underpinning of Balance Well-being’s vision is that our four pillars can be flexibly interpreted and applied to many aspects of our lives. The terms balance and well-being can mean different things to different people. What do they mean to you?

Here at Sandler Training, we refer to the Balanced Wheel of Life, which encompasses eight main areas — financial, work, emotional, physical, social, et cetera — we see as necessary in creating lasting well-being, at least in the life of a business or entrepreneur. Our founder, David Sandler, understood this back in the late sixties, which was groundbreaking at the time. Business success is only one aspect of balanced success.

Today we continue to see the importance of taking inventory of specific goals on a regular basis, to ensure you have financial freedom through your sales efforts, not only to sustain a thriving enterprise, but also to enjoy all aspects of life in a way that matters to you.

We like to finish our profiles with an invitation to reveal something personal — a fun fact, a quirky hobby, or even a credo — to connect further with the reader.

I like these lines by Sun Tzu, from the Art of War: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

One without the other is dangerous ground for a business or entrepreneur. These words still apply after more than two thousand years.

We invite BWB members and anyone who wants to learn more to come and “crash a class,” to see what we do. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how Sandler can help you and your team achieve victory.

Contact info is

John Glennon
Sandler Training
109B-3677 Highway 97 N
Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 5C3
Phone: 250-765-2047

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