Mind Well-Being

Dale Choquette
Kelowna, BC
Dale Choquette is a personal advisor, council, and certified instructor for business leaders and their teams. She gets everyone running the race to win and her proven methods have been used across multiple organizations including Atlas Copco, Fortis BC and Transport Canada.
Stepping Stones Homeopathy
670 Belgo Road, Kelowna, BC
Homeopathy, Homeopathic Detox Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Intuitive Body Message Readings.
Renew Mindful Health
Kelowna BC
Professional Counsellor, and Health Coach
Specialized in Weight Loss, Anxiety, Depression, PMDD, Couples Counselling, Grief, and Food Addictions.
The Power You Are
uite 282, 22-2475 Dobbin Road, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2E9 CANADA
Power is the ability to change things. Your presence alone changes things – it changes everything. The influence of your presence is the power you are.
Kihew Therapy and Wellness Inc.
Kelowna, BC
Removing Subconscious Blocks to help you live the life you deserve!
(250) 215- 2008
Cherie Hanson, Creative
557 Okanagan Boulevard, Kelowna, B.C., V1Y7K9
Spiritual Fitness Coaching. Channel Reading.
Bonita Summers – Psychic Life & Business Coach
Downtown Business Center
Room 106
Suite 101, 346 Lawrence Ave.
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6L4
Get on the fast track to personal and professional success by transforming your subconscious patterns to work for you! Learn what’s holding you back and how to shift your world by changing your inner reality.
Sharon e. Davison Sh.e
Sharon e. Davison Sh.e – B.Ed. (Adult) and Certified Money Coach (CMC) ® – Facilitates, Coaches and Trains, through Talks, Workshops, Coaching and Retreats. Sharon works with individuals and groups to increase awareness, facilitate learning, and make behavioural change for personal and professional development. Topics include, but are not exclusive of the following: Stress Reduction, Learn, Practice and Apply Mindfulness Meditation for Personal or Professional Well-Being, Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Money, Increase Awareness of Inner Resources, Skills and Capacities, and Navigating through Change.
Sharon e. Davison sh.e
Pure Insights Counselling
Lower Mission, Kelowna, BC
My name is Annette Adkin. My experience as a counsellor in Kelowna and as a person has taught me that within each of us lies the courage, strength, resiliency, beauty and desire to be loved, and to be connected to ourselves and to others.
Pure Insights
250 878-7035
Insight Counselling
InnerSpace Awareness
Kelowna, BC
Now is the time to start living your life with purpose and joy from the inside out with self awareness.
We will be working together to rediscover who you really are!
InnerSpace Awareness