Are you a writer? by Pamela Lynch

I didn’t start out intending to become a writer.

As a little girl, I’d gobble up Nancy Drew books until the bathwater turned cold. I remember looking down at the book sitting on the tub’s edge, thinking, ‘I want to do this.’ I didn’t know what “this” was.

  • Did I want to be a mystery writer?
  • To feel seen?
  • To have adventures like Nancy?
  • Did I want to be an author? A publisher?
    (Not that I could name these as things to “do.”)

What my Soul knew was that one day I’d be known as a Spiritual Librarian. Five decades passed, and that dream faded even though I spent three decades growing up in book publishing.

  • There are no mis-steps.
  • No mis-takes in life.
  • What if there are absolutely no wrong actions and no missed takes?
  • What if every take is a part of your grand design?
  • What if every action you take propels you forward on your life’s trajectory towards the experiences you came here to BE, DO and HAVE?

Turns out the little girl who loved to read also loved LOVE and knew massive action was needed to step forward on to a path she loved. To that end, I’ll be self-publishing my book in 2022. My working title is “Dear Loving Self: A Sacred Act of Love.” I hope you’ll raise your hand to buy it and support me in this dream.

Just as I want to support you in yours!

Yes, I’m hoping 2022 is going to be a big year for us both.

My question for you today is:
Is 2022 your year to write and publish your book?

Send me a quick response to confirm if this is in your cards for the coming year. And, if not, what is the beautiful dream you are visualizing for 2022?

Co-Creating With Love,


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