A new Tapping audio for you…from Sherry Lukey

Pressure and anxiety.
I don’t know about you, but pressure and anxiety are two feelings that used to plague me, but usually are just noticing for me now. However, with being out and about a bit more recently, and because everywhere, and everyone seems to be operating by slightly different rules, pressure and anxiety have made a bit of a come back :(.Extremely sensitive.
I am also extremely sensitive (I now consider this to be my superpower and not a curse ;)), and the pressure and anxiety people are feeling is palpable for me.  Have you been feeling it too?Take my own advice.
So, I took my own advice (so happy when I do that!) and Tapped, because EFT Tapping is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Tapping audio.
The new Tapping audio below will eventually be added to my YouTube channel ( https://bit.ly/2YOd8Op). Still, I thought because I appreciate you taking the time to read my emails, I thought I would send it to you immediately.

If you are feeling pressure and anxiety for any reason: https://bit.ly/2NL4FFu

Sending you relaxation and peacefulness,
XO Sherry


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