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Thought for the Week

"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about."

-- Charles Kingsley, Clergyman

Have a fabulous day

Shawna McCrea, BWB CEO


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Upcoming - BWB EVENTS

September 13, 2016
BWB Storytelling Tuesday
"Experiencing Your Community Through Inspirational Stories"

  Storytelling Tuesday is the 2nd Tuesday of Each Month
$10 in Advance/$15 at Door (Sept-June) 5:00-8:00
At Duffer's Restaurant & Lounge - 1959 KLO Road


September 15th, 2016
BWB Coffee Collaborations
"Brainstorming and Building Bridges"

Coffee Collaborations are the 3rd Wednesday of Each Month
FREE EVENT (Sept-June) 9:30-11:00
At BWB Event Space - 346 Lawrence Ave  #101 Kelowna


September 26th, 2016
BWB Lunch & Learn
"Discovering the BWB Business Members"

Featuring - Murray McEachern

Lunch & Learns are the last Monday of Each Month
FREE EVENT (Sept-June) 12:00-1:00
At BWB Event Space -  #101 346 Lawrence Ave Kelowna

Murray McEachern, M.A., Coach/Guide/Speaker

With You Through Your Significant Changes & Transitions
Serving the Courageous Among Us Who Know There Are Changes They Want to Make, Need to Make, Even Must Make, To Come Into their Fuller Potential, and Into the Fullest Expressions of Who They are --- In Their Careers, Their Businesses, or the Lives Outside Their Work


October 5th, 2016
BWB Workshop Wednesday
"Developing Your Well-Being Skills"
Lead by - Laurie Bartley

Wednesday Workshops are the first Wednesday of Each Month (Sept-June) 5:00-7:00
At BWB Event Space - #101 346 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna


Laurie Bartley, TTRP, Body Wisdom Specialist, offering Raindrop Technique & the Zen System, Author, Speaker

Whether pain has stopped you in your tracks, or you find yourself wondering "How on earth did I get here?" I offer a variety of Living Medicine practices to heal, release, restore, and revive you
Your body is speaking to you. By helping you identify your body's intrinsic needs, I help you shift to wellness - Mind, Spirit, Body. 


BWB Member Spotlight :
Lorraine Richmond

You are not alone – tell yourself a different story

When you have a vision for something greater, at some point, you will be alone.

There will be grey seasons when you:

• work alone

• shoulder the responsibility alone

• fail alone

• experience fear alone

• make big decisions alone

As a leader, you get to choose between the ego and comfort of staying among the crowd…. over the vulnerable courage of stepping ahead of the crowd to lead a better way. cont...


Weighing in on BWB Storytelling :
Kasia Rachfall 


I used to only write when I felt I had something of value to say. I see no point in filling up your space with fluff. Your time is precious and so is mine.

Recently, however, I’ve had some clarity about clarity. And sharing stories.

And it all started when I told my most shameful story. 

In Public. 

And the world didn’t end.

In fact, people were inspired and told me how much they had felt the same things in their lives. They told me how courageous and beautiful it was that I shared so deeply. (I’m waiting for the recording of my talk so I can share it with you).  cont.... 


BWB Community Pictures:


 BWB Assessment - In Development

Balance Well-Being Centre Inc. is working  with Mitacs, Dr. Jiaying Zhao (UBC) and graduate student Yu Luo (UBC) in the development of the BWB Assessment.  The BWB assessment is the technology for measuring an individuals 4 pillars of Well-Being (body, financial, mind, social) along with links to our BWB members who offer solutions for improving results.