"All the cells in your body are designed to listen to what you feel and think, and they respond accordingly."

-- Dirk Terpstra
Intuitive Speaker & HeartMath Trainer
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BWB MIND Business Member - Lorraine Richmond 

A Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan

BWB Business Member Lorraine Richmond a Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan

Lorraine Richmond wants to know your story, so she can help you break through it and tell yourself a better one — your truth. As a certified life and leadership coach also trained in the application of Conversational Intelligence®, Emotional Intelligence, and the Values Blueprint System©, Lorraine helps leaders to discover their values, purpose, and pathways to meaningful living and leading. To do this, however, they have to be prepared to break a few rules, challenge some assumptions, and walk away from received wisdom.

The phrase of hers that stuck with me was “resolve the cluttering dissonance.” Focused on reaching clarity, identifying authenticity, and moving people forward, Lorraine aims to bring positive change to the world one person, community, and industry at a time.

So we are thrilled she has shared some valuable insights with us.

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Tom Kernaghan, owner of Oak Writer 

I write stories about people, businesses, and communities so that people will remember what makes them uniquely powerful. Tell me your story!
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