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Thought for the Week

"Every man dies. Not every man lives. The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the "buts" you use today."
- Les Brown, Author and Motivational Speaker
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BWB Assessment 

Balance Well-Being Centre Inc. is working  with Mitacs, Dr.Jiaying Zhao (UBC) and graduate student Yu Luo (UBC) in the  development of the BWB Assessment.  The BWB assessment is the technology for measuring an individuals 4 pillars of Well-Being (body, financial, mind, social) along with links to our BWB members who offer solutions for increasing results.  


Upcoming - BWB EVENTS

May 30th - BWB Lunch & Learn

This Month - Featuring Lorraine Richmond
"Conversational Intelligence"
Lunch & Learns are the Last Monday of Each Month
FREE EVENT (Sept-June) 12:00-1:00
"Discovering the Well-Being Gems in our Community"

June 14th - BWB Storytelling Tuesday

  Storytelling Tuesday is the 2nd Tuesday of Each Month
$10 in Advance/$15 at Door (Sept-June) 5:00-8:00
"Experiencing your Community through Inspirational Stories"

June 15th - BWB Coffee Collaborations
Coffee Collaborations are the 3rd Wednesday of Each Month
FREE EVENT (Sept-June) 9:30-11:00
Well-Being Companies Collaborating together:
"Creating awareness, Brainstorming, Bonding & Building Bridges"


BWB Member Spotlight :
Murray McEachern - Grand Design Coaching

The Messy Truth - by Murray McEachern

It was to be one of those difficult conversations that redefines a relationship…for better or worst…especially with one’s self.

One of those truth telling exercises that we look forward to with the same affection as a root canal or a rectal exam. I had to have it, though, so there really wasn’t any courage involved. If I could have found a way to avoid it, I most certainly would have.

 Reminds me of the time back in public school, the morning I badly flunked my eye exam…


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BWB Member Event Spotlight:

May 26 - 8:30 PM
Laurie Bartley - Body Wisdom Special
Life Style Architect 
Y.U.M. (Yoga Ultimate Massage)





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Community Initiative:


BWB Community Pictures:

March 2016 - Storytelling Tuesday
Storytellers - Raghwa Gopal, Kathleen MacKinnon, Laurie Bartley, Aly Pain, AJ McFarland & Shane Austin

BWB Capstone Project - 4th year Business Students from UBCO - Alex Little, Angie Cavalieri, Allen Chiang & AJ  McFarland

April 2016 - Lunch & Learn 
Featuring Aly Pain
"From Forming to Performing - creating a solid foundation for a successful journey."