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BWB MIND Business Member - Kate Shivers 

A Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan

BWB BODY Business Member – Kate Shivers a Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan

Kate Shivers is an allergy-reaction detective. And the offenders are the stressors that cause all manner of challenges in our bodies and our lives. Her mission is to identify these culprits, and then exile them. Like any good detective, she knows it’s about evidence in the story, and so she works holistically with clients to decode and interpret what the body is saying, to see how a person’s history has led to the development of allergy-reactions. How she does this is quite amazing.

Kate is armed with a BSc in dietetics and a BEd, and she is a registered BIE Practitioner and INFORM coach. Drawing on her years of expertise and using state-of-the-art technology, she is able to test for possible stressors. Once she has identified these,

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Tom Kernaghan, owner of Oak Writer 

I write stories about people, businesses, and communities so that people will remember what makes them uniquely powerful. Tell me your story!
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Kelowna Arts Council, founded in September 2012 as the Association of Artists for Creative Alliance (ACA), is a non-profit arts society based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Our organization is dedicated to enriching lives through creative awareness and artistic education, building community through alliances and strengthening relationships.  We work with amateur, emerging, and professional artists and, through inclusion, education, resources and support, our goal is to integrate artistic diversity to create cultural vibrancy in Kelowna.

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