"Life begins when you do."

-- Hugh Downs, American Broadcaster

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Shawna McCrea, BWB CEO

BWB MIND Business Member - Aly Pain 

A Quick Profile by Tom Kernaghan

Aly Pain knows what it takes to achieve purpose-driven results in work and in life. As a certified life, organization, and relationship coach with over 20 years of experience, Aly helps individuals, families, and large groups dig deep to discover their true potential. She understands not only the passion required to make meaningful transformations but also the clarity necessary to navigate the complexities of today’s work-life challenges, and how to move through them and restore balance to our busy lives.  

So we were thrilled when she offered us some of her valuable insights! 

 After so many years working in personal development, what in your experience are the fundamental barriers to well-being and fulfillment in people’s lives?  continue...


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