Grief by Rochelle McFarlane

Grief is an emotional that’s governed by our metal element and is associated with our lungs and large intestine. What’s this mean for our experience ?
How can we tell if we’re carrying grief ? It can show up as slow or fast bowel movements, tight hamstrings, lower back stiffness, heavy in the lungs & chest, coughing, excess mucous just to name a few Our body is always giving us clues and it’s our responsibility to play attention to it and to take time to process our emotions. Allowing time for self care that frees the stresses from our whole beings otherwise the whispers will go to yelling, turning to dis-ease Feel free to reach out for support with processing your emotions and releasing your stress May this year of 2021 be the year you have a deeper connection to your whole being and experience the very best. Many blessings Rochelle 💖🥰

Rochelle McFarlane
ESP Parent



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