Kate Shivers Allergy and Wellness

Kate Shivers Allergy and Wellness
Nutritionist specializing in allergic reactions, sensitivities, intolerances and inflammation.

Using the field of energy medicine, I test for tolerance for a variety of substances that a person encounters in their everyday life. These could be foods, hormones, pollens, vitamins and minerals, food chemicals, and more. The body can have an allergy reaction to nearly anything, including hidden stressors such as sun, UVA, UVB. Anything that is a stressor causes inflammation in the body. Symptoms of inflammation include “itis” such as arthritis, migraines, hormone issues, allergy reactions, skin reactions, digestive upset, problems with certain foods and sinus trouble. Short or long term build-up of stress from such “stressors” are the leading cause of disease. So, by reducing your reactivity to stressors, you will help your body cope with everyday foods and substances and have less inflammation. I use a modality called BIE (BioEnergetics) to bring about balance, clear the electrical signalling pathways and to help the body function at full capacity.

In the Downtown Business Centre on Lawrence Ave in Kelowna

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Kate Shivers Allergy and Wellness

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